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Murder on the Nile Will there be another movie with Poirot? 20th Century Studios’ Answers

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For all those who were wondering if we’ll see a file A new movie directed by Hercule Poirot With Kenneth Branagh, there’s no need to wonder more, because the answer came straight from the boss Twentieth Century Studios.

Ever since he landed in the movie Murder on Nile Cinema, fans have been Agatha Christie detective story adapted from the big screen Kenneth Brana They wondered if this really represented the latest adventure of the flashy mustacheed investigative genius.

Well, apparently, the answer wasn’t very long in coming.

We have the Poirot franchise and we have other Agatha Christie stories“Steve Aspel, President of 20th Century Studios, told The Hollywood Reporter B”I love these movies, I love Ken [Baranagh]. We have a third script already written by Michael Green [giĆ  sceneggiatore di Assassinio sull’Orient Express e Assassinio sul Nilo] It is completely different in type and tone. We’ll see post-war Venice based on one of Christie’s lesser-known novels

He concludes: “So I guess you’ll see that mustache again soon“.

And did you like the first two films, Murder on the Orient Express and Murder on the Nile? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, here you will find ours Murder on the Nile.

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