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Football, Latina beats the French Bicerno and flies to 17 points

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A young Mattia de Mino’s goal in Latina is enough to continue climbing the rankings. After a pained first half, with a penalty saved by the Cardinals, the Nerazzurri achieved the success of the 2003 class goal, in their first record among professionals.

And so continues the career of Latina, which with this success achieved five useful results: four victories and one draw.
The match begins and the emotion begins immediately: less than a minute later Picerno earns a penalty for a foul by captain Andrea Esposito. Emmanuel Esposito immediately appeared for Picerno, but his conclusion was negated by two great cardinals. After five minutes of play, the Nerazzurri goalkeeper is still perfect at blocking Coda’s shot with his foot.
The 18′ Latina Bourdain throws a free kick to Fabrizi’s header; The striker is good at getting there but Albertazi’s response was also excellent, turning the ball into a corner kick.
At the end of the first half, the home team is again dangerous thanks to a good foray by young de Minaur, but the visiting goalkeeper is good at dodging the goal.

In the second half, Latina takes the field more courageous and determined. The advantage comes in the 56th minute. Great job by Lorenzo Di Livio who broke through the right wing and provided the perfect ball for De Mino. The 2003 class advanced perfectly and beat Albertazzi to score the goal of the Nerazzurri 1-0.

Following Di Donato’s men’s advantage, the challenge gradually slowed down. In the 90′ ​​guests remain in ten minutes to drive out the Albadoro.
After four minutes of injury time, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the match, Latina rose to 17 points in the standings.

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Latina Calcio 1932: Cardinals, Giorgini, Amadeo, Di Livio (64 Rossetti), Sanipoli, Tesori (82 Riccardi), De Santis, Di Mino (71 Esposito you.), Borden, Esposito and. (46′ Celli), Fabrizi (82′ Barberini). Available: Giannini, Twenty, Rossi, Nori, Cortinovis, Terashi. All.: Di Donato
AZ Picerno 1973: Albertazi, Di Cristofaro (71′ Pettarsi), Allegreto, Coda (58′ Llorni), Esposito E (64′ Santarcangelo), Garcia, Bagliai, Golfo (58′ Reginaldo), Diop (58′ Albador), De Siancio, Novella. Available: Crispy, Dettori, Girardi, Monte, Montesano. Coach: Longo
Signs: 56′ De Mino (L)
Rule: Stefano Mellon, first assistant, Matteo Taverna, second assistant, Emmanuel Fumarolo, fourth man, Domenico Mascolo
Reserved: 1′ esposito f. (Left), 17′ Allegretto (P), 29′ Kouda (P), 61′ Esposito E. (P), 61′ Di Livio (L), 85′ De Santis (L), 88′ Barberini (L), 89′ Amadeo (L)
Fired: 90′ Albadoro (Ground)
Angles: 3-8
Injury time: 4′
NB: 1142 spectators, including 476 subscribers

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