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Multifunctional space donated to school, ribbon cut soon (PHOTO) – BlogSicilia

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It is closer than ever to cutting the ribbon for the multi-purpose space to be donated to the Oberdun School in Palermo thanks to funds from the allocation of regional parliamentarians to the Five Star Movement. After the forced postponement of March 31 due to bad weather, the Movimento 5 Stelle regional deputy and environmental committee member Ars Giampiero Trizzino together with the M5S Sicily MPs will open this area on Thursday, April 21 at 9.30.

financial resources

The sports area will be annexed to the complex at Via Spica, 5. The funds were raised thanks to the amounts returned from the parliamentary allowances by Trezzino himself, and incorporated by the Association Movimento Cinque Stile Cecilia headed by fellow Ars Stefania Campo. To be restored the basketball court of the comprehensive Maridulce Institute complex, which can be used for various other sports disciplines. The vicinity is also fitted with a new flooring made of the latest generation of recycled and anti-slip plastic materials.

“Many neighborhoods will benefit from it.”

“The structure – declares Trizzino – will allow pupils and young people in the regions of Oreto, Stazione and Guadagna to enjoy an area in the schoolyard for outdoor sports. The space has been renovated with the refund of the salaries of regional speakers and is part of the many activities that M5S Sicily has been carrying out regularly for nearly From ten years now.” Due to the strong winds that hit Palermo at the end of March, parts of the Maridulsi plexus that houses the headquarters of the Institute were severely damaged.

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the plant

The court is suitable for basketball, volleyball, handball and various other sports. The multi-purpose sports area is paved with the latest generation of recycled synthetic materials, non-slip and suitable for sports in the most diverse disciplines. The project had already taken its first steps in June 2021, when the Comprehensive Institute run by Nicola Pizzolato emphasized the urgent need to confirm and expand the sports offer by the school, with the safety and preparation of the anti-slip and shock-absorbent rubber mat.

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