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Movies and programs today, Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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Movies Tonight on TV: Faithful Man, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Glad I’m A Little Pregnant, Together After Death, Under the Skin, Sleepless in Love. Programs, fantasy films and series tonight on TV: Cliff Mysteries, Football, Coppa Italia 2021/2022 – Semi-finals (return): Inter Milan, the pupa and the nerd show.

Movie tonight on TV Today Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Among those broadcasting on the air Today early evening employment TV channels clear: The Faithful Man, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Glad I’m Pregnant Little, Together After Death, Under the Skin, Insomnia Love, The First Knight, No Mercy for Ulzana, The Kiss I’ve Been Waiting For, Warriors Gate, If You Move a Seat at the Table What’s Our Sin, 10,000 B.C., Together for Strength.

All movies shown on TV tonight:

  • loyal manThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9.15pm on Rai 5: Passionate film, Louis Garrel 2018 comedy, starring Louis Garrel, Laetitia Casta, Lily-Rose Depp, Joseph Engel, Vladislav Gallard, Bakari Sangari, Chiara Carrier and Diane Corselli.
  • Spider-Man: Far From HomeThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9:30 pm on TV8Jon Watts 2019 Adventure, Action, Fantasy Movies, Starring Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Kobe Smulders, Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Angourie Rice, Remy Hay, Martin Starr, Numan Akar, Tony Revolori , Jacob Batalon, Hemke Madeira, and JB Smove.
  • Nice to meet you, I’m a little pregnantThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.20 on Rai 2: Alan Paul comedy, emotional thriller 2010, starring Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Harris, Eric Christian Olsen, Anthony Anderson, Noreen DeWolf, Michaela Watkins, Melissa McCarthy, Tom Bosley, Jennifer Elise Cox, Linda Lavigne, Adam Rose , Carlis Burke.
  • The first knightThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.25 in Novi: A 1995 historical adventure film by Jerry Zucker, starring Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond, Ben Cross, William Cunningham, Alexis Denisov, Ralph Ineson, Paul Bental, Stuart Pons, John Gielgud, Valentine Belka, Jane Robbins, Christopher Villiers, Paul Kinman, Colin McCormack and Mary Covey.
  • together after deathThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.20 on Rai 4: Karen Moncrieff’s 2017 horror thriller starring Lee Pace, Carrie Coon, Sander Thomas, Ray Baker, Amy Smart, Anna Ortiz, Cliff Chamberlain, Molly Hagan, Anna Diop, Julian Latourelle, Christina Vidal, and Jane Daly.
  • Under the skinThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.10 on Rai Movie2013: Jonathan Glazer science fiction drama starring Scarlett Johansson, Paul Branigan, Robert Goodwin, Christoph Haddick, Scott Diamond and Michael Moreland.
  • No mercy for UlzanaThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9 PM on Iris: Robert Aldrich’s 1972 Western film, starring Burt Lancaster, Bruce Davison, George Locke, Richard Jekyll, Joaquin Martinez, Lloyd Buchner, Karl Swenson, Douglas Watson, Darran Hamilton, John Pearce, Gladys Holland, Margaret Farrshield, Amy Polls, Rich , Larschild. Randles, Otto Richo, and Dean Smith.
  • The kiss you’ve been waiting forThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.10 on La5: Comedy, Drama, Emotional 2005 by John Kasdan, starring Adam Brody, Meg Ryan, Kristen Stewart, Olympia Dukakis, Mackenzie Vega, Dustin Milligan, Clark Gregg, Elena Anaya, Jubeth Williams, Jennifer Goodwin and Adrian Hough.
  • Warriors GateThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9.15pm in Italy 2: Matthias Huene 2016 film, adventure, fantasy, starring Dave Bautista, Mark Chow, Ni Ne, Sienna Guillory, Uriah Shelton.
  • If you move a seat on the tableThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9.15pm in Silo: 2012 comedy film by Kristel Raynal, starring Elsa Zilberstein, Frank Dubusque, Audrey Lamy, Ari Elmaleh, Shirley Bousquet, Mathias Milikoz, Louise Mono and Lanick Guthrie.
  • But what is our fault?The Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9 PM on Cine34: Comedy Film 2002 by Carlo Verdoni, with Carlo Verdoni, Margherita Bay, Anita Caprioli, Antonio Catania, Lucia Sardo, Stefano Pesci, Massimiliano Amato, Luciano Gobinelli, Sergio Graziani and Raquel Soero.
  • 10000 BC., The Movie On air Tonight on TV at 9 pm at 8 pm: Roland Emmerich 2008 adventure film, starring Stephen Street, Camilla Bell, Cliff Curtis, Joel Virgil, Ben Badra, Mo Zinal, Nathanael Baring, Marco Khan, Joel Fry, Rhys Ritchie, Tim Barlow, Junior Oliphant, Louise Too , Mona Hammond, Gabriel Malema, Mark Simmons, Christian Beasley, Suri van Suorsen, Boubacar Baden, Charles Baloyi and Hannah Westbury.
  • insomnia loveThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.20 on TV2000: 1993 Nora Efron Emotional Film, starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Bill Pullman, Ross Mallinger, Rosie O’Donnell, Gabe Hoffman, Victor Garber, Rita Wilson, Barbara Garrick, Carrie Lowell, David Hyde Pierce, Dana Ivey, Rob Reiner, Tom Reese Farrell.
  • Together for strengthThe Movie On air Tonight on TV at 21.10 on TwentySevenFrank Coracey’s 2014 comedy film starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Terry Crews, Joel McHale, Wendy McClendon Covey, Kevin Nealon, Bella Thorne, Lauren Lacuscos, Anna Colwell, Emma Forman, Abdullah Nujoom, Susan Yegley and Jessica Lowe.
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Programs, fiction and series tonight on TV

Among the main programs Tonight on TV We inform you:

  • puzzle ramp (TV series), broadcast From 21.25 in Al Rai 1
  • White papers (talk show, politics, current affairs), radio From 21.20 in Rai 3
  • outside the core (talk show, politics, current affairs), radio From 21.20 in Rete 4
  • soccer italy cup 2021/2022 – Semi-finals (Return): intermilanOn air From 9 pm at Canale 5
  • Babe And Nerd Show (Reality), broadcast From 21.20 in Italy 1
  • Tuesday (talk show, politics, current affairs), radio From 9.15 pm at La7
  • Drop Dead Diva (TV series), broadcast From 9:30 pm at La7D
  • ransom (TV series), broadcast From 21.20 on Rai Premium
  • Van der Valk (TV series), broadcast From 21.10 in Giallo
  • forever (TV series), broadcast From 21.10 in Top Crime
  • first date (Reality), broadcast From 21.25 in real time
  • naked and raw (docu-Reality), broadcasting From 21.25 on DMAX
  • Discover the National Parks of North America (docu series), broadcast From 9.15pm on Focus.
  • The Seven Kings. legend of rome (docu series), broadcast From 21.10 in Rai Storia.

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