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Carlo Verdoni, Have You Ever Seen Your Mother: She has starred in several of his films

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Many are curious to know who the “mother” of Carlo Verdone par excellence is: that is she, she has starred in many of his films. Ergo, try to guess!

An extraordinary talent who, with her many personalities, has conquered the television scene but above all, the Italian cinema of all time has received many accolades and prizes. But you know who he is His ideal mother?

Carlo Verdone Yobe

The director broke into the world of acting two wonderful women who have a great influence today in the world of cinema, Veronica Pivetti and Claudia Gerini in the film honeymoon. In addition, Carlo had a mother who starred in many of his successful films who are still very popular today, even among youngsters. We remember – for the record – that his career is quite remarkable, I started from the cabaret Where – on different occasions – he played different characters and achieved great success. But then came the turning point…

The boom in the eighties

Director Sergio Leone, after seeing him live and act, was so elated that he wanted to invest in him. The 1980s was his most successful as he directed several movies and played iconic characters. Some movie names about it? White, red and dark greenAnd the travel with dad, The day I met you And the Big, big… and Verdun.

As a boy he never thought of being an actor

Carlo is the son of a film critic but revealed in an interview that he never, especially as a boy, considered the idea of ​​being an actor: “I was on vacation in 1968. I had poetry, mostly I fell in love, I listened to Jimi Hendrix, and he was I have an improved Vespa 50 and I felt happy and light.I always went to the open air cinema,I secretly smoked and for that I got a few smacks from my dad. I was an ordinary boy and the last thing I was going to do was become an actor.”.

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The fact is that he then chose the path of acting and directing, fortunately for us. But if this is known to all, it is not – perhaps – the fact that his fictional mother always played the role of the legendary. Sora by night. Do you remember it?

Who is the mother of the well-known Romanian director?
Carlo Verdoni with famous actress Sora Leela Yobi

He recounted his first meeting with her for the first time in 2018. These are his words on the subject: “I tuned into Radio Lazio and discovered a world in which there are many desperate, weeping women who said: ‘Lila! lila mia! But did you know my husband came back tonight at 3 and this morning I took a good look at his shirt collar and was he wearing lipstick? Sora Leela replied: “But you know what? J Davey kicks ass! listen to me!”.

He was so impressed—just think—that at noon, punctual as a Swiss watch, the next day, he showed up at the tavern that Sora frequented at night and as soon as he saw her he tried to talk to her. And from there it all started Their amazing artistic union.

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