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Movie shopping spree (video)

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Aston Martin and Jaguar were destroyed during the filming of the 007. This is how much production cost the authors cost.

Rome was the scene of the filming of 007, and some time ago something really incredible happened About previously used cars Daniel CraigWho is this James Bond. Amazing story heroesAston Martin DB10 and one Jaguar C-X75 destroyed during firing.

Aston Martin accident (AdobeStock)

As we all know, Astons have always been the favorite cars of the world’s most famous secret agentBut his films, being action, predict violent scenes and startling accidents, Which costs a lot to production companies. The DB10 is an amazing car, which certainly deserves a glorious ending, but that’s the good and bad things about this genre of cinema.

Fortunately, in this case, Aston Martin and Jaguar were both protagonists in the movie, but we often talk to you. Also horrific accidents happen in reality, It puts you in grave danger The safety of those driving it as well as the safety of those at the site of impact. Now we will understand what exactly happened to these gems.

Aston Martin, what a disaster in a James Bond movie

007 Specter was shot on the streets of Rome, the movie starring James Bond at the wheel of his amazing Aston Martin. In this case, we’re talking about the DB10, the unusable supercar for everyone, because it’s a prototype created specifically for the movie series.

Only one lucky buyer managed to buy it, for a modest amount of €3 million in 2016, and only two copies were made. in photography, Warranty He is the protagonist in the chase against Jaguar C-X75 from the character of evil, namely Mr. Hinks.

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Jaguar is worth about one million euroswhile theAston Martin, powered by a superb 4.7 liter V8 that unleashes a maximum power of 436 horsepower, for a total of around 3 million euros. The chase took place between the main streets of Rome, passing through San Pietro until reaching Lungotevere, really interesting scenarios and very much loved by both Capitoline and tourists.

As you can see from the video posted below, Aston ends up in the waters of the Rome River, while fate Jaguar We are not revealing it to you out of respect for those who are interested in watching the movie but haven’t had the chance yet. If permitted, we would recommend watching this film, as it provides us with a great picture of the capital, including stunning views and even hidden corners, which we often forget and exclude from our Roman visits.

The scene is really scary, and we can’t help but be flattered when this site was chosen for 007. Now we leave you to these photos, as a similar video is worth watching in the first person, without using unnecessary words. Fasten your seat belts, because we’re sure you won’t be able to watch this spectacle without getting excited or jumping off your sofas.

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