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HCMV Varese Hockey, many feelings but also a defeat for Mastini in his first home appearance

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a 6-4 defeat of the mastifffull of emotions At first At the renovated ice rink, in front of an interesting audience and participant returning to the stands of Palalbani (now Acinque Ice Arena) after more than two years.

The challenge is vibrant, with Varese always chases DobbiacoEven when they were up 4-1. Gialloneri is always in the game until the last minute, when Capannelli’s goal with an empty net thwarts any attempt by Mastini to recover.

before the match, Short Concert in Memory of Marco Fiori His shirt number 57 is hung on the roof of the factory again, then hostilities between Gialloneri and Dobbiaco begin, on the second day of IHL.

South Tyrol former Mastiff Adam Cabanelli is newly lined up, while Varese appears with the returning Piroso, after his apparent disqualification from last season. Alvira, the Dobbiaco player guilty of being sent off last week and therefore absent today, is the victim of the same punishment.

Gialloneri starts well, also led by an excellent crowd that filled and colored the stands. Burzaca is under pressure but he defends himself very well. The first danger is the crossbar that saves Birla and Varese defense breathing. Dobbiaco scores two goals in a short period of time, and the second is signed by the former Capanelli, who repeats the first goal of Mazarini. Varese has a chance to equalize but first Piroso and then Franchini incredibly devoured him. The goal is not reached even when printing a modest disc on the inner shaft. A worthy goal comes with Drolet before the first siren.

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in the opening According to Dritl The mastiff wastes a long power that started in the last moments of the first half, with Burzaca being the hero and Majul seizing the opportunity to score the third goal, shoving the puck’s ball into the goal from a very short distance. Poker is signed by De Lorenzo Meo in powerplay. When the chasm appears close, the Gialonieri reacts and puts Desauteels in a position to score the hosts’ second goal. Rocco Perla is very good in at least three situations, dodging danger, and on the other hand Mastini does not find his way to the goal, at least until the 36th minute, when Berroso re-emphasizes the puck in the goal after making a knock on the goal. numerical superiority.

Excessive penalties owe Varese to playing again with a lesser player, and Magul, well-prepared by Capanelli, takes advantage of that once again to sign South Tyrol’s fifth goal.

The Mastiff stays on the heels thanks to Dasautels and Drolet who pack a puck fitting for M. Borghi who blows up the home crowd. At the prettiest, the yellow and black penalty box opens again and Mastini once again finds himself with a lower man. There is good aggression in the third attack though, but Burzaca is flawless. The deadline he called Devèze is trying everything, but the goal scored by Dobbiaco marks the end of yellow and black hopes. The mastiff played a good role the third timealthough many punishments and physical condition has not yet been established, but it is increasing.

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The next date for the Geloniri next Saturday in Alegy.


HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 2 Perla (30 Dalla Santa), 3 Cena, 7 Desoteles, 22 e Mazacan, 33 Garber, 69 Bertin, 71 Bicinelli, 9 Drollet, 12 Franchini, 15 Telaro, 16 Vannetti, 19 Alivato, 21 del Vita, 23 M. Borghi, 27M Mazagan, 32B Borghi, 55 Berosso, 88 Previtera, 91 Raimondi, 97 Udone. Coach: Claude Davies.

Iceberg Dobbiaco 30 Burzacca (1 Manuel Oberkanins), 3 Plankenstainer, 9 Wieser, 13 Volgger, 31 Lanzinger, 66 Soravia, 97 Profunser, 7 Gherardi, 14 Monthaler, 19 Egarter, 20 Purdeller, 28 Covelli, 34 Capannelli, 45 Taiarezze, 77 Majul, 83 Mazzarini, 79 De Lorenzo Meo, 88 Zandegiacomo Mistrotione, 98 Rizzo. Coach: Ivo Macka



12’14” (ID) Mazzarini, 12’44” (ID) Capannelli (Majul), 18’04” (HCMV) Drolet, 22’52” (ID) Majul (Capannelli), 26’15” (ID) De Lorenzo Meo PP1, 28’00” (HCMV) Desautels, 36’27” (HCMV) Piroso PP1, 49’52” (ID) Majul (Capannelli) PP1, 50’50” (HCMV) M. Borghi (Drolet, Desautels) ), 58’55” (ID) Capannelli EN

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