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Starfield: Italian video “In the stellar field

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Bethesda released a new one video Italian dedicated to starfield. It’s “In Star Field – Episode 3: The Voice of Adventure”, and as it’s easy to guess, it’s a video he’s talking about a musician The voice component of the role-playing game. You can watch the video above.

Unfortunately, this new video is dedicated to Starfield and his music Does not include any new gameplay scenes. We already know that this presentation will (most likely) arrive in the summer.

Here it is Official description Video from Microsoft and Bethesda: “Today we are excited to present a new episode of our In the Starfield video series. In this episode, Bethesda Game Studios Director of Sound, Mark Lambert, and Starfield Composer, Inon Zur, meet to discuss Starfield music and sound design. Hear them discuss their artistic processes, the soundtrack’s impact on the player experience, and the constant search for answers that support Starfield’s music.”

“Starfield is the most ambitious project I have ever worked on,” says Tzur. “It is a vast game set in a vast setting, but it raises big questions, philosophical and important questions, which people usually do not bother to ask themselves or dare to ask.”

Starfield will be available exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC on November 11, 2022, eleven years after The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. It will be possible to play the video game through Xbox Game Pass since D1, at no additional cost.

We also remind you that Starfield will introduce one of the TES Oblivion mechanics, in an updated version.

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