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Moschino’s clever story of a family destined for tragedy –

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In his first series on Sky, the director suggests the theme of his 2018 movie, but it spanned 420 minutes divided into eight episodes with a great psychological definition of the story.

Expanding the intertwining tales of his 2018 film A casa tutti bene, Gabriel Moschino re-proposes the same extended family in his first series on Sky, Chaotic, Kind, in which we love and hate each other passionately, ready to pique everyone’s interest, compromise and better analyze every character and complex network detail. for personal relationships. They are 420 minutes divided into 8 episodes (1 hour 47 minutes movie) with a rich cast, good yield and good grip, so breath wide and we are not limited to framing the beautiful villa of the new rich vulgar (which also contains the last surprising horror movie) but often It revolves around Rome, even the motorcycle that makes a lot of Moretti. There is a lot of work in the restaurant, for the benefit of the bourgeois family, and for the more classic Roman soldier who had never read a book or perhaps even a newspaper in his life (if he knew the press existed) and his spiritual orientation was an evening with Count Tacchia in Sistina. Aside from sociology, which is so important to the psychological definition of history, it is the story of a series of basic needs: money, sex, and food, not necessarily in that order. The minors are partly saved, and are more brilliantly represented, but the rest of the family are victims of an earlier destiny to the tragedy that in this opening season touches only the first stage of fate that I fear will not escape: they want God. Vaccine.

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The most skillful method

It must be said that Muccino’s skilful style, which cinema often compresses, here is devoid of any arcs, abbreviations and flats, even if the division between good and evil does not exist because, with the exception of some childish exception, they are all bastards and hypocrites, vulgar speculators with their own feelings and the feelings of others, They are led by the worst, the black sheep Riccardino, a petty, embarrassed and victim of borrowed sharks on a poker night that ended poorly. It is difficult, indeed impossible, to recount all the intrigues of the paterfamilias who dies at the end of the first episode, thus leaving three children free to blackmail themselves with real estate and banking speculation (which Siana is the most experienced liar) for. The other seven episodes, while the second degree relatives, who are doing their own thing, wish to take revenge once and for all for being kept under guardianship because they do not share their birth. The events unfold, cheering for the old aunt (but also for her…) or for the genre Laura Morant, niece of such a great writer (but also…), the fear of Western revenge, the family melodrama and all that remains, they keep the attention very vigil until If not everything is straightforward. There’s the classic mochino places, the usual kanata jukebox moment passionately together, and there’s also an awkward sequence where a son takes his grandson for a walk without ever looking in front of him, yet he’s also driving a car.

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