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Cost of living stops EU pressure on cars Gas And the diesel. After a series of delays, on November 9, the European Commission will introduce the new Euro 7 regulation that will apply to cars registered from 2026, but the rules will be softer than expected, and will not follow the strict recommendations made by the group of independent expert advisors Brussels. According to some of the developments cited by the Politico Europe portal, the EU executive had decided to take a step back and relax the scope of the campaign, effectively aligning the Euro 7 requirements – proposed in the pipeline for 4 years – with the Euro 7 requirements – proposed in the pipeline For 4 years – the current Euro 6, in force since 2014, so as not to burden the pockets of producers and consumers. The geo-economic context dominated by the Russian war in Ukraine, record inflation fueled by energy and raw materials costs, and global supply bottlenecks “put the automotive supply chain under unprecedented stress and generate problems in accessing cars for consumers.”

Fuel, diesel fuel price is still slightly lower

Possible modifications

This, in short, is the reason for choosing to reduce the claim to see cleaner engines in circulation in the coming years, as mentioned in the document prepared by Brussels technicians, which may still undergo some modifications before ‘adopt. “The commission prioritizes the interests of car manufacturers rather than the health of citizens,” is the accusation by environmental groups such as Transport and Environment, under which domestic Euro 7 will ensure that at least 100 million previously certified cars are built to old Euro 6 standards, and can be put on the road. again in the next few years, and remain in circulation for another two decades. The tipping point has been underway for some time. At least since it has become a reality that expensive energy in Europe is a specter looming far more than global warming and the resulting climate change. And closer and heavier disruption, given that already this winter there is talk of rationalizing resources and changing habits that have been metabolized for decades.

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very fast ending

There was clearly no need to warm up to these long term deadlines (2035) as they can always be adjusted if necessary. In fact, as builders and insiders learned, the final retirement of heat engines was not scheduled to take place in the middle of the next decade, but ten years ago. That was when the Euro 7 directive came into effect a very long time after Euro 6 (more than ten years, a record compared to all its predecessors). In fact, all the developments in this topic spoke of such limitations as being too strict to make it possible for manufacturers to make a commitment at a stage in which they are participating in a fundamental energy transformation. There will be no money: either the electric car or the Euro 7. The choice, obviously, was clear. Also because the proliferation of battery powered vehicles is essential to make the list price competitive and cross the cost curves for thermal and electronic vehicles as quickly as possible. If the union’s sudden rethink is confirmed, the internal combustion engines with the new steering will not be all that different from the current engines, which can be retrofitted with limited numbers to survive the transition. A hoax, in all, has its reason in this new scenario. At the Paris fair that closed its doors yesterday, anticipate what will happen. The number one man in Stilants, after speaking closely with French President Macron (the Elysee knows the Brussels files…) directly at the motor show, said: «Euro 7? Let’s throw it away.” And it was.

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