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More expensive mortgages and public debt, bad news for Italy

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There is no good news due to the government crisis. More expensive mortgages and increasing public debt. Here’s what happens

there crisis From Governmentand the subsequent resignation of Prime Minister Draghi and the dissolution of the two chambers announced by the President of the Republic, sergio matarellaIt certainly won’t bring positive things to our country. In fact, this would not be a particularly easy time for Italy.

Ciro Fusco / ANSA

After the government crisis and the resignation of Mario Draghi due to an operation a movement 5 starsAnd the league And the Power ItaliaIn our country, the government will remain in office only for current affairs. But there is no good news for citizens, quite the contrary. Can be seen on the horizon Mortgages more Dear And the religion general that is still growing. Here’s what happens.

More Expensive Mortgages and Growing Public Debt: This is the Cost of the Government’s Crisis

The Draghi government fell. The 25 September 2022 We’ll be back to vote, and once again, the country is in political instability. After Mario Draghi’s announcement, lo Spread Has experienced a crazy boom, also due to the rise in Taxi From benefit from the European Central Bank.

Therefore, today we are licking our wounds and trying to understand what awaits our country in the near future. The Archaeology For citizens it does not bode well and the taxpayer’s wallet may be in grave danger, especially for those people who in the short term intend to seek Finance What matters is who owns it government bonds.

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These, in fact, see a price BtpAs markets seem more interested in upcoming debt issues with cheaper interest rates. The BanksThus, the historical purchasers of public debt will be in difficult circumstances, and so will the case Finance Public funds, under pressure through debt refinancing.

according to KodakunIn addition, a mute premiums increase, In light of the rise in interest rates by the European Central Bank 0.50%. A factor that will also affect future mortgages, as well as those who have agreed to a variable rate. Therefore, this will not be an easy time for taxpayers, it could be a very long time.

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