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Morbius arrives digitally, on DVD and Blu.ray: Now is the time

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While everyone is wondering if Morbius 2 will arriveThe film is released digitally and in physical form. The Sony movie wasn’t a huge hit, but it’s an important chapter in the future of the Spider-Verse. But when will it come to our homes? Here are the dates.

As mentioned Morbius will be released digitally beginning May 17 and on DVD and Blu-ray beginning June 14. Of course, to announce this arrival, Sony has released a preview of the special behind-the-scenes fan content written by Marvel directed by Daniel Espinosa and with Adria Arjona, Tyrese Gibson, Matt Smith and Michael Keaton. You will find the video at the top of the article.

The next version of Morbius includes post 30 minutes of bonus contentwhich includes excerpts, a series of confusing bugs and a special feature that allows us to take a look at Easter eggs that refer to Venom and other Marvel villains and antiheroes.

In the video above the article, Leto explains the experience. “This movie has a little bit of everything,” says the actor. “There are fears, emotions, adventures, and actions.” This is because Morbius is daring from every point of view. “I’ve done things in this movie that I don’t think I’ve done beforeWhich I probably won’t do again,” said Jared Leto.

In the meantime, we tell you what we think of the movie in our movie Morbius review.

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