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Monza: The end of the year is sweet in Spazio 37

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Attilio Grimoldi has kept his word. After closing his pastry shop overlooking Piazza Santa Caterina, in the Cederna district of Monzal decided Donating the remainder of his recent production to the poor.

Monza, Attilio Grimoldi retires and keeps his promise: fresh sweets as a gift

Carry about ten in the car Packaged pastry products in his factory On the latest opening days of the shop, Pasticceria GB. Artisan panettones but also mousse cakes, party registries, cassava cakes, and even that little birthday cake that someone asked for and then never picked up..

Monza, Attilio Grimoldi retires and keeps his promise: the delivery to Spazio 37

Guests of Spazio 37 in Via Borghazi are allocated a lot of unexpected sweetnessIt is the homeless reception space organized by the Municipality of Monza to deal with the cold scheme and run by volunteers.
to welcome Attilio Grimoldi, who appeared at 37 Via Borghazi on Thursday December 29, There was Marco Belloni, head of the municipality’s social services sectorWho thanked the pastry chef for the delicious gift.

Monza, Attilio Grimoldi retires and keeps his promise: fresh cakes already served, pantone for toast

the Fresh cake It was immediately made available to guests of Spazio 37, who were able to sample it Already in the same evening. Panettone pieces will be held for the New Year’s toast.

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