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Science becomes poetry in music in Sidoti and Ferrari’s show

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Presentation by Piero Sidoti and Mauro Ferrari.

the June 27 in San Vito al Tagliamento, In the CC Zotti Auditorium (Via Olivo Manfrin, 18)
At 8.30pm, RiconoScienza will be on stage It turns out that unites knowledge
Scientific studies conducted by Mauro Ferrari and Piero Sidoti,
It shows how these two truths can converge in a new and engaging experience.

friulian ferrari, World famous scientist, father of nanomedicineSinger and saxophonist Sidoti, Tarja Tincu is a winning singer and songwriteractor and professor of mathematics and science, reunites on stage, after the “sold-out” show at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine last December, to present the show that… He talks about science through music.

During the offer invalidation They will discuss the latest scientific discoveries The pharmacokinetics of star e They will sing new songs Written by the artist where the music and words resonate Scientific stories in a poetic style From Ferrari.

“Pierro did It is expressed poetically and musically What I consider most important in scientific research: Reason and the way it should be done, in the service of society And the people most in need, guided by the desire to improve the world – says Mauro Ferrari – the passion that is based on science can and should be love. Who said we can’t talk about “love”; When we talk about science?

Mauro will bring out his depth Love of life and sciencedemonstrated by the constant and missionary closeness of Research and Sidoti through his music It will address scientific issues with lightness, sarcasm and depthConveying topics and messages targeting everyone, but with special attention to younger generations.

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“I think that The uniqueness of this offer On the stage lies Mauro, the true protagonist of scientific research, whose knowledge goes beyond mere publication – Piero Sidoti explains -. I wrote these songs inspired by my biology degree, but above all because I wanted to amplify the lyricism of scientific singing. When Mauro talks about science, actually He’s talking about love“.

Along with Mauro Ferrari (vocals and saxophone) and Piero Sidoti (guitar and vocals) on stage there will be
Others Four extraordinary musicians: Fulvio Pigozzi Ferrari (piano and musical direction), Tommy Graziani (drums), Massimo marches (guitars) e Dario Vezzani (deep voice). The show is directed by Paolo Barisotto, with musical direction by Fulvio Pigozzi Ferrari and lighting design by Ivan Bortolos.

The event is It is promoted by the “Mauro Ferrari and Family Foundation” With the support of Banca 360 FVG and Consorzio Ponte Rosso, and in collaboration with the Municipality of San Vito al Tagliamento,
Federsanità ANCI FVG and Credima. The hall inside will be used by the “Mauro Ferrari and Family Foundation”. Fundraising platform (free donation) For the benefit of the project
Nirvana fromOur Family Association. FVG center which is done through care and research
Scientifically, it deals with the functional recovery of people of developmental age mainly.
For more information about the supported project:

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