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Monza: Distress for the legendary hockey rink

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Monza – certificate From Old hockey rink salvage For years in a state of complete abandonment. The Villa Reale Consortium and Parco Consortium launched a market survey calling on potential investors able to “immediately redevelop the area” via Boccaccio. the invitation Preferably targeting “sports clubs and associations, including amateur clubs, sports promotion bodies, and also in an associated form” to “give them the opportunity” to promote their businesses and citizens to take advantage of a renewed public space with a sporting career, where any supplementary activities (such as refreshment points or purchase or rental of sports equipment) an additional character in relation to the main destination of a purely sporting nature.” This is not a call for bids, but an “advice of an exclusively preparatory and exploratory nature” with a view to obtaining a framework, including financial, on the future of that area of ​​798 square metres which “is a source of degradation and limits the general decoration of the Royal Gardens adjacent to it, thus requiring its viability. For the use and pleasure of the citizens.”

however It is the most successful stadium in Monza. a legendary path Where red and white hockey partly built its successes, seven national titles, three Italian Cups, a Nations Cup and the Sears Cup (the European hockey competition for club teams that has taken the name of the WSE Cup since 2018). Today, it has been reduced to a desolate open space, devoured by weeds and inhabited by drug dealers, while until the 1970s it was frequented by one of the most powerful bands in the world. A team born in 1933 with the official constitution of the Monza Hockey Club. The square on Via Boccaccio was built three years later at the request of the team, which had to play games under the Central Cinema Gallery. Within a few years, hockey became Monza’s favorite sport. A tale that began to unravel when the federation changed the rules and decided to hold the tournament in the winter, indoors. The beginning of the end of the open track on Via Boccaccio. The people of Monza tried to keep themselves active, every summer until the end of the eighties, ice skating events, dance evenings and even summer hockey tournaments were organized. Someone also tried to suppose that a roof for the path could be created, but the strict architectural restrictions on the listed area within Villa Reale thwarted any ambition. relentless desertion.

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hockey Professional and high-level, he closed his accounts with Monza and gradually forgot the track of the wheeled sports establishments and left in complete decay. In the early 2000s, they turned it into a nightclub, and then into a restaurant. Initiatives that, however, have been unlucky in the long run. In 2006, the then-military council led by Michel Vaglia decided to demolish the old amphitheater. Reversal of grace. and current deterioration. Not even Albini who proposed (unsuccessfully) to the consortium two years ago to clean and repair the track, even with the help of Civil Protection volunteers, to bring it back into town, was not able to address this matter. Today there is a second chance.

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