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Napoli-Milan will also challenge Kvaratskhelia-Leao: crazy numbers

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Napoli will face the Rossoneri three times in sixteen days: it will also be a (triple) opportunity to see the two stars face to face.

Napoli will face Milan Pioli on Sunday at 20:45, at the Fuergrotta Arena. Spalletti does not want to slow down the (frantic) pace his team is maintaining in the tournament. He recommends his team stay calm and focused, as he will never really forgive him for not paying attention in the final sprint.

Naples – Milan, the confrontation between Kaffarra and Leo

Talk about it today Sports Courierthat’s what was highlighted Calcio Napoli 1926:”From a football point of view, the left scudetto: once there was Liao, the man more than Sorrentino in the triumph of the Milan champions for Italy, and today there is Kvaratskhelia, the Georgian prankster who painted in the sky the tricolor stars of Naples in the manner of Houdini. Distinctive signs: left in fact. More than one suite house for both Rafa and Kafara. The cradle of dreams of the Rossoneri and then of the Azzurri: almost the passage of the baton dribbling at the speed of a hundred hours, the braids and the hair of the Beatles blowing in the wind. And now? Well, the big trio of challenges: Napoli-Milan in the league, starting on Sunday; Then Milan – Napoli and Napoli – Milan between April 12 and 18 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Translated: Kvaratskhelia v. Liao. And if winning the championship is no longer Milan’s business – with all due respect to everyone, including Reality – then the cup derby is a story that needs to be written. Crossroads of excitement, passions and tradition. The past glories of Maradona and Gullit, Van Basten and Careca, and then the future of the golden boys of Europe: 22-year-old Khafisha and 23-year-old Rafa. Different present and future as above: Kafara will remain in Naples and renew in June, while the subject of Liao’s renewal is not yet clear. So different, so good, so decisive: the left in power. From football (…] This, so far, has undoubtedly been Kafara’s year: 12 goals and 10 assists in the league, which becomes 14 and 14 if we also count the Champions League.. And not only that: they call it Kfaradona and no one takes it, is that enough? Rare genius and insane continuity (…) Latest Rava: in Lecce on January 14, 78 days Sunday. Symphony Ninth: 8th in Serie A with 6 assists and 1 in the Champions League with 3 assistsR. And when he slowed down, well, he also slowed down Milan: it doesn’t seem like a coincidence, especially after signing and signing for the scudetto. Starting from the left, sure, like kafara: they will only cross in the area, in the next three. And indeed, to be honest, they never met: in the league, in the first leg, Liao was disqualified. It will be a new show. In three chapters: cinema, theater and football cathedrals“.

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