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Monica Canales: “Pd is at risk of splitting, space only for ex-PCI”

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From Gabriel Guccione

Deputy Secretary of the Piedmontese Democratic Party: «The Constituent Assembly entrusted to the Roman label, we will end up like the French Socialists»

The conference that will lead to the birth of the New Democratic Party has not yet begun, and breaches are already flying among the Democrats. And the reason for the disagreement is far from secondary: the identity of the party that will emerge from the “foundational path” that the Emilia-Romagna president presented himself at the starting blocks. Stefano Bonacini And they are waiting for her Eli ShlainEx-minister Paula de Micheli and first citizens Matteo Ricci and Dario Nardella.

And so, just as the voices of those who, like the Mayor of Florence, warn of “the danger of division” are chasing each other in Rome, in Piedmont the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Monica Canales The beeps, using very harsh tones. Activation event: Indicating the names that will form the “founding committee” that will have to rewrite the identity card of the party. a great council in which they sit, and are confined to the inhabitants of Piedmont Ivana Borsotto, Cesare Damiano, Piero Fasino, Anna Rossomando, Chiara Saraceno, Livia Turco.

“Only ex PCI”, complains the second man in Piedmont, of Catholic origin, who accuses “the Roman label, which has caused our loss in recent years”, of “sending the inner pluralism into the attic, as if it were nothing more than the stilt of the ex-communists, and “closing the doors to fresh recruits” without “acknowledging the responsibility of seniors in connection with the current crisis of the Democratic Party.” The criticism is so strong that Canales has already filed the day after the result of the last political election. Which he now proposes again in light of congressional news.

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Some representatives of the Catholic world, in fact, there are: But they are few – he points out: Graziano Delrio, Mauro Magatti, Flavia Piccoli Nardelli, Filippo Andreatta, Annamaria Furlan».

For the rest – it is the judgment of those who refer to the former world of the people of Piedmont – “they seem to want to revive the Chinese Communist Party rather than re-establish the Democratic Party”. The deputy minister went so far as to define the call of Roberto Speranza (“dissident party leader”) as “nervous stuff”. He warns of a conclusion that could be disastrous and bears responsibility for “naming” the Nasserite: “The aim is to change the Democratic Party on the model of the French Socialist Party or the German Social Democratic Party.” Thus we say goodbye to the call of the majority. “We do not”.

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