Home World “Mom, on the bridge they all died …” Revelation about the end of Moskva

“Mom, on the bridge they all died …” Revelation about the end of Moskva

“Mom, on the bridge they all died …” Revelation about the end of Moskva

Mom fired three missiles at usIt’s the voice of a recruit on the ship. Moskva, the ship that sank in recent days off the Ukrainian coast. The voice of those who did not expect to witness an attack on the flagship of the Russian fleet on the Black Sea.

But it’s also valuable certificate What happened on the night that Moscow suffered the worst loss in this Ukrainian campaign. This was announced by the boy’s mother, who was contacted by activists from Radio Svoboda.

The latter is trying to contact all members of the families of the soldiers on board the Moskva. In this way the goal is to reconstruct what happened, to understand exactly the dynamics. As for Kyiv, the ship was hit by two Neptune The subsequent fire caused the sinking. For the Russians, on the other hand, the flames were caused by a storm during approach maneuvers Sevastopolwho wrecked the ship.

The pentagonal He is convinced of the successful Ukrainian offensive. The testimony of the boy, among the rescued sailors, confirms this. “Mom, do you understand what happened? They fired three missiles at us,” the soldier repeated.

It was the mother, who was called by the announcer, to tell her what her son had said. The conversation will take place the day after the attack and the sinking of the Moskva. Russian authorities gave mobile phones to boys who had returned to Crimea and had survived the attack. This is because those who survived the eruptions lost everything anyway: documents, cell phones and clothes remained on board and the sailors had to somehow get to their relatives to get at least some spare parts.

Hence the talk about Radio Svoboda. “There was no fire – The woman said of the call with her son – Three missiles hit the shipParticularly important because it differs with the Ukrainian version, according to which Neptune was launched.

My son was in a panic – added the woman – He told me that everyone on the bridge diedAccording to the sailor, perhaps 40 people were killed, but there were also serious injuries. So he saw a real inferno on board the ship before setting off with all the other survivors aboard the frigate. Makarov. Friday evening arrived from Moscow what is considered, according to the Russians, the final outcome of the catastrophe: there is talk, in particular, of the death of one person and the loss of 27, while 396 were to be saved. The numbers are completely different from those that the boy spoke about in his conversation with his mother.

Then there’s another detail: According to the sailor, Moskva was ready to head Odessa. So a landing might have been expected along the coasts of the Ukrainian city.


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