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An Israeli raid on the Hamas headquarters in Gaza City Live broadcast

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It is the thirty-fourth day of the war between… Israel And agitation. Alarm sirens go off Missiles They returned to play after an overnight break of about 11 hours in the city of Kissufim and in Kibbutz Nahal Oz, both settlements near the border with the Palestinian Strip. The Israeli army continues to fight in the territories controlled by terrorists, and destroys their property infrastructure. In particular, Israeli army sappers announced their destruction 130 tunnels. On the diplomatic level, negotiations are continuing for the release of some hostages in exchange for a truce. In Paris, the humanitarian conference will be opened today, attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister on behalf of Italy Antonio Tajani.

Israel: “Hamas headquarters raided”

The Israeli army spokesman announced that soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces raided the site Headquarters Hamas A Gaza Citynear Al-Shifa Hospital, killing at least 50 terrorists. The attack was supported by air forces and special forces. The building has been described as “heart Intelligence and operational activitiesaffiliated with the Palestinian movement and the October 7 attacks were planned there.

A drone strikes the city of Eilat

a Drone Unknown assailants attack a building in a city Eilat, in southern Israel. The army usually specifies whether an attack comes from Gaza, but in this case it did not say anything. It is therefore likely that it came from somewhere else. In recent weeks, the city has been targeted by insurgents The Houthis Yemen with Missiles And drones.

CIA and Mossad chiefs are in Qatar for hostage negotiations

The leaders of the central Intelligence Agency Born in MossadBill Burns and David Parnia are present The State of Qatar To reach an agreement with the Doha authorities regarding a ceasefire in exchange for their release 10-20 hostages From Hamas. “conversations”They will stay Progressing well towards the headSources close to the terrorist movement confirmed the existence of negotiations to release him 12 prisonersSix of them were Americans in exchange for a three-day truce. A temporary cessation of conflict will not only allow the entry of large quantities of weapons Humanitarian aidBut it will also give Hamas the opportunity to assemble Accurate list Subordinate 240 hostages currently in the sector, which would favor future negotiations.

However, US President Joe Biden confirmed today that “there is no possibility of a ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas, while the President of the Jewish state said Isaac Herzog He stated that he did not believe that there was a real intention among the terrorists regarding the release of the hostages.

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It seized the Hamas stronghold in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip

The Israeli army occupied a stronghold of the Hamas movement in the northern Gaza Strip. The station known as Precinct 17located in a refugee camp Jabalia. The battle between Palestinian terrorists and the Nahal Brigade continued for a long time 10 hours The fighting took place on the roof and in a series of battles tunnel Underground. Soldiers from the Jewish State Defense Forces confirmed that they found a weapons cache and entrances to several tunnels, including one near one of the tunnels. seek refuge.

USA: “Israel will grant 4-hour rest periods”

Spokesman for the US National Security Council John Kirby He announced in a press conference that:Israel will concede Humanitarian stops to four hours North GazaThe White House representative also stated that Tel Aviv decided to open two corridors from the north of the Strip to its south.

Rocket rain on Israel

The Israeli army announced the launch of new missiles Missiles From Gaza against population centers near the Strip and the coastal city Ashkelon. The Israeli army also reported the firing of anti-tank missiles from the south Lebanon It headed towards the Margaliot area. The Jewish army returned fire.Artillery. In the afternoon, Hezbollah opened fire Cement mortar towards the Jewish state, raising alarm in Shtula and even Menachem.

A weapons cache was found in an apartment building

The Israeli army engaged in the ground attack found a production factory Drones belonging to Hamas and our warehouse arms inside residential building Built near school In the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza. The Israeli army reported that the location of the terrorist infrastructure had been identified.”Next to the child’s bedroom“.

32 Israeli soldiers were killed

rose to 32 The total number of Israeli soldiers killed since the start of the ground attack on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army identified the last victim today, who was 29 years old Eliyahu the measuresWho was martyred yesterday during clashes with Hamas terrorists.

Hamas leader in Egypt for hostage talks

A delegation from Hamas headed by the head of the political bureau Ismail Haniyeh And by the former leader of the Politburo Khaled MishalHe arrived in Cairo for talks on the release of the hostages. Haniyeh met with the presidentIntelligence An Egyptian discusses “the situation in Gaza.”

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Confrontations in the West Bank

The occupation forces carried out an incursion into the area with vehicles and bulldozers Embryoin West Bank. Violent clashes broke out between soldiers and local militiamen. The budget is 8 dead Palestinians. In addition, Quds News Agency reported that a call was launched in the surrounding villages and cities for residents to head towards Jenin.broke downsiege From the Israeli army“.

Gantz: “We are ready to enter Lebanon”

Member of the Military Cabinet Benny Gantz He announced that the Israeli army is ready to enter Lebanon. “We are determined to do so To protect Our northern border, on both sides if necessary. Whether now or in the future, we will not allow Hizb allah To put our communities at risk“, said the former army chief.

Hamas leader killed for anti-tank missile sites

The Israeli Air Force was able to eliminate him in an air strike Ibrahim Abu MughaseebCommander of the anti-tank missile unit in the Central Brigade in Gaza. The Israeli army did not reveal the location of the attack. The spokesman for the Jewish state’s army added, “there Navy It bombed anti-tank missile launch sites used by Hamas to strike forces inside the Strip“.

The road south of Gaza is open for 6 hours

The Israeli army reopened itSalah al-Din Highway Which extends from northern to southern Gaza, to allow Palestinian civilians to leave the combat zones. In previous days, the trail was only open for four hours. Today, residents will be able to evacuate even From 10 am to 4 pm.“The northern Gaza Strip is considered an intense fighting zone and time is running out to evacuate it.”It is a text published in Arabic and distributed by the Israeli army.

Tajani arrived in Paris to attend a humanitarian conference

Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani landed in Paris To participate in International Humanitarian Conference For the residents of Gaza, announced by the French President Emmanuel Macron To coordinate the international community’s support for Palestinian civilians. The participation of the President of the European Commission has been confirmed Ursula von der LeyenPresident of the European Council Charles MichelThe Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Muhammad Shtayyeh, the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini, the Head of the United Nations Emergency Aid Office, Martin Griffiths, and the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Mirjana Spoljaric Egger.

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It can’t be there cease-fire When Hamas still continues to launch them Missiles About Israel because we can’t help but worry about it Israeli civilian populationTajani said in a press conference after the summit.Hamas is a terrorist organization, and it is the worst enemy of the Palestinian people. It uses civilians Human shieldsHe wants to prevent agreements between Israel and the Arab countries so that they can live in peace in the Gulf and the Middle East“. The Deputy Prime Minister also confirmed that the only one Interviewer Possible Palestinian National Authority.

UN: “War crimes committed by Hamas and Israel”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker TürkHe claimed that both Hamas and Israel would comply war crimes Since the outbreak of conflict. He said this at the Rafah border crossing on Wednesday “The atrocities committed by Palestinian armed groups on October 7 were terrible, brutal and shocking.”Beside “The collective punishment practiced by Israel against Palestinian civilians constitutes a war crime.”. The UN High Commissioner urged both sides to cease fire: “We need a permanent end to the occupation based on the rights of Palestinians and Israelis to self-determination and their legitimate security interests.”.

Erdogan: “The West supports Israel, which violates human rights”

“With the full support of the West, the Israeli administration is violating human rights.”. This is what the Turkish President said Erdogan Speaking about the Israeli attacks on Gaza, during a speech broadcast on state television TRT. “Even though they talk about democracy and freedom, Western countries simply stand by while Israel does it massacreThey are unable to even demand a ceasefire, and the hypocrisy that we have witnessed from October 7 onwards continues.”Erdogan said. “like Muslims We must strengthen our unity, to ensure a humanitarian ceasefire, continue our diplomatic engagement, and also continue trying to send humanitarian aid to the region.”.

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