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Mom Finally Bought an Xbox Series X, But It’s the Mini Fridge: Drama on TikTok –

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in the United States Mother The American thought she did it in the end Bought an Xbox Series X. During Black Friday, but it was the months instead small Fridge shaped like a console, officially making it the first victim of weird Microsoft marketing that has been immortalized by social media tik tok, which sparked a certain controversy.

The idea of ​​creating a mini-fridge in the shape of the Xbox Series X was enthusiastically greeted by gamers, who immediately caught Self-deprecating reference to memes Which raged at the time of the console’s introduction, but this may confuse those who do not follow the video game market with a particular effort.

An example of this comes from TikTok, where this poor mother of a family found herself with a smoldering mini-fridge instead of the console her children sought so much that miraculously looked sold out prevalent in the United States during the period of Black Friday.

To tell the truth, even with the extenuating circumstances of the case, such a mistake is not easily justified, given that it is clearly written on the packaging that it is a mini-fridge created as a replica of the Xbox Series X, but there is no doubt that it can be confusing.

To get an idea of ​​how many did not understand the cute reference to the meme made by Microsoft in the process, just take a look at how the news was reported by the public media, as evidenced by the article on Yahoo News USA at this is the address. Signs are that many users are wondering if this is the case ‘misleading advertising’, and many wonder why there is such an object, with an official emblem.

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