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All this for my son, movie location with Giuseppe Zino telling stories of rebellion against extortion

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The places where the TV movie “Everything to My Son” was filmed, with Giuseppe Zino, was broadcast on Ray Ono.

“Everything for My Son” is not a fantasy but a TV movie: this distinction is key, since Broadcast of the movie Umberto Marino on Rai1 It is inspired by true stories of men who opposed extortion, or the violence of organized crime extorting money from merchants and street vendors.

The violence that some of the exhibitors have rebelled against, or risking their lives or unfortunately losing it, Like Federico Del PreteAnd the Peddler vs Camorra Fratamaggiore, was killed for saying no to extortion in the markets and for reporting about them.

In TV Transformation, translated by Rafael Acampora by Actor Giuseppe Zinohe is a man like many and has History is a summary of many real events that ended up in the news. The plot is: Raphael is a peddler and has a wifeAnna and four children. Every week he and his colleagues fall victim to criminal racketeering that imposes protection money and harassment of all kinds. Until, one day, Raphael decided to rebel.

Giuseppe Zinoa true Neapolitan, is one of the most popular actors at the moment: it is broadcast with this film a few hours after the last episode of the second season of Rai’s highly successful novel, “Mina Setembre”Where is the partner Serena Rossi.

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“Everything for My Son” Websites It is diverse: and many will recognize the streets and landscapes of the province of Caserta, where much of the film was shot. Some of the scenes, all filmed in 2021, were set in Royal Palace of Caserta.

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