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Modena: Football, music and balloons in the sky have a thousand friends for Fabio and Ahmed

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San Prospero and Modena. Yesterday received more than a thousand people Fabio and Ahmed. Two boys united by friendship and a tragic fate. Fabio and Ahmed, who lost their lives in a horrific road accident Sunday morning along the Modena ring road. They were nineteen years old and shared quiet moments. How, in fact, a Saturday night at a nightclub could be.

One, Fabio Cavazzotti, is from Stagia di San Prospero, and the other, Ahmed Asiri, is from Pastiglia. On a sad Friday, friends and relatives wanted to accompany them on their last trip. They did this by reminding the boys of songs, balloons, and letters. Then again the soccer jerseys, gifting the balls. They did so considering the other 19-year-old involved in the accident who is still in serious condition.

Don Aldo, who celebrated Fabio’s funeral in the church of San Prospero, as the imam of the Modena mosque, where Ahmed was bid farewell, moved to remember the two young men. So did many young people who attended religious rites. Many of them were initially in San Prospero and then in Modena.

Yes, only San Prospero which, yesterday morning, was filled with white balloons. Attack the Canaletto and allow yourself to fly skyward to honor Fabio. In the background the songs chosen by friends: more recent Blanco, Irama, nuclear tactical penguins, but also Vasco Rossi.

San Prospero Tears and balloons to bid farewell to Fabio Cavazzotti

Half-mast flags, city hall flags (Mayor Sauro Borghi was present at the funeral) and corporate flags mark the main street of El Bassa Village. A community that stops at the 19-year-old and gathers around his parents Monica and Fabrizio, his sister Lisa and Aunt Patrizia as well as his grandparents Anna and Luciano.

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Guarini’s companions from Modena, friends of the town and the neighboring countries that he shared with Ahmed. At the end of the liturgy, Luca ascended the altar of the church of San Prospero: “I put on a smile, good-bye Fabio. For us you will always be the “Fabione of the rock” ». The last farewell before the coffin was brought outside and welcomed by many people, many of them with these balloons The white sky was shot up to the tune of Vasco’s song “Come in favole”.

Modena Farewell to Ahmed Asiri: Quattro Phil shirt on the coffin

It is the first applause that accompanies Fabio’s white coffin and fills the hearts of relatives. The hearts of the Cavazzotti family, who donated during the past hours in favor of Ahmed’s little brother. The money, along with other generous acquaintances money, will be used for the boy’s studies. He also attended there as the 19-year-old’s farewell from Bastille. One o’clock in the afternoon when the mosque on the rue delle Sur is full, we are in Modena. Many of the young men are the same who, just an hour ago, were outside the San Prospero Church. “The Company” is still united this time by Ahmed Asiri. He, too, was traveling in the car that went off the road on the Modena ring road. Lying on the 19-year-old’s coffin are Quattro Ville and Castelfranco jerseys, a testament to his passion for football. They are like a ball that friends catch one by one. It’s wrapped in a red and white scarf, the company’s colors at Quattro Ville. There are signatures, those of teammates and friends, and then the inscription: “Hey Bomber, we’ll miss you! Thanks for everything.”

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So, the strong wind forces those present to wear a jacket, but all or almost all of them wear under it a shirt with the inscription on their shoulders, just as if it were a football shirt: Ahmed.

The Islamic ritual, accompanied by those who participate in the following Friday prayer, develops in several works. Before the salutation and exit of the 19-year-old who is buried in Janatzito, the young people present are greeted inside the mosque as they listen to the words of the imam as well as the words of the father of Siddiq Ahmed who in turn wanted to honor the boy from the Bastille. Another sad day tribute to the communities of San Prospero and Pastiglia. The two villages that bid farewell are Fabio and Ahmed.

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