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“Model test of the team” –

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Right: Above, Roberto Crudelli, head coach of Ingas Hockey Vercelli. Below, nerogialleverdi’s new signing, Elia Petrocchi, debuted yesterday.

Roberto Crudellicoach of Engas Hockey Vercelli, takes stock after last night’s good draw in Palapregnolato with Grosseto: “We were missing an important player like Orustewe will see how things will be resolved with him on the physical level, moreover, too Others had some diseases. For a while now, we’ve been imposing a “cart pull”: It’s not easy. The team put a model test on track We got to the end of the game a bit tired.

Petrucci has only been with us for a week: He performed well during the first half, and a bit less so in the second, however He is searching for his own space and rhythms. He’ll have to change something from what he was playing before, however We lost him because he’s a player who has pace and can give depth to the team, which is something we need right now.”

The idea can only go into perspective of the difficult week that awaits the team with two consecutive away matches, on Wednesday in Tresino for the Italian Cup quarter-finals and next Saturday in Follonica for the second day of A1’s comeback. Mr Cruel:Unfortunately, now we don’t have the full squad to be able to compete with a rhythm of matches every three days, but we have to put in something more: throw our hearts over the hurdle. And try to invent something. We will study it in training starting Monday and see how it goes.”

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Let’s move on to Elijah PetrucciHe appeared yesterday with the colors of Engas Hockey Vercelli, which he bought for the winter transfer market: “It was a good match. For me, it’s fun to be here, it’s an important arena. I’m doing well with the team and I hope to improve in the coming days. I expected to play right away because I Since training, I have realized the confidence of everyoneI hope that will be the case on future occasions as well. Now we have two complex away matches in which we want to give 100%.“.

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