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Miyazaki’s On Your Marks is returning to cinemas after 28 years

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28 years after it was released in Japanese cinemas My heart sighsthe movie Ghibli Back to the big screen in Film City, Chofu Film Festival 2023 For the first time since 1995, it will be shown along with the short film on your mark.

Because of the intense radiation, humanity has settled in huge futuristic cities that are only allowed to leave if they are equipped with special radiation-resistant suits. During an attack on a cult building, two policemen discover a dying winged girl, who is being taken by some scientists to perform experiments on her body. However, the two policemen soon regret letting her go and will arrange an escape plan to save her from her sad fate.

The show will last nine days. From February 11 to February 19, 2023.

My heart sighs It was released in Japanese theaters on July 15, 1995 Yoshifumi Kondo Written by Hayao Miyazaki itself, along with on your marka short musical animation based on the notes of a song of the same name by him Chag and Aska Always out Miyazaki.

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