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Mission “Save Ukraine’s Clown”: Good first. In Spazio Reale handing over dresses to Dr. Lucia and Dr. Bo

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CAMPI BISENZIO – The visit to Italy, organized by the Tabletochki Charity Foundation in Ukraine, for hospital clowns has just ended Monday Marina Berdar And The first is BelkinaNicknamed Doctor “Lucia” and Doctor “Bo”, they work at Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, formed by the Italian organization Soccorso Clown. The purpose of the visit was actually to cooperate with Soccorso Clown in order to create, in their country, the Ukrainian National School of Hospital Clowns, similar to Soccorso Clown, despite the tragic situation that Ukraine has been going through for eleven months. Unity of purpose, immediate understanding and sharing of goals, between Berdar and Belkina, Yuri Olshansky And Kathryn Tore Picuccifounders and directors of Soccorso Clown: “The resulting work — read a note — was a training scheme proposed by Soccorso Clown and tailored by them for emergencies and the needs of Ukraine. Fellows, as well as Ukrainian students, had the opportunity to observe how clowns work in the Soccorso Clown Hospital, and visit some Hospitals where the organization is located and also a visit to the Spazio Reale Group, an important training facility in Tuscany, the clown rescue partner for the various European Erasmus + projects.

And here, symbolically, the founders of Soccorso Clown gave the clowns of the Ukrainian hospital some white coats, with the words Soccorso Clown on their backs, to which the same wording would be added in Ukrainian; The gowns will be handed over to other hospital clowns, who work in hospitals in Ukraine and who participated in the Soccorso Clown training in 2021. The second phase of the mission, again as a result of collaboration between Soccorso Clown and Ukrainian hospital clowns, progresses instead to create the Ukrainian Federation of Hospital Clown Organizations Also in Kyiv; Finally, the possibility of cooperation in the “Stelvio Challenge” solidarity event was taken into account by everyone, scheduled for June in Bormio, in which some Ukrainian cyclists, amateurs and others could participate. The stay of the clowns in the Ukrainian hospital in Italy, which was very welcoming, intense and profitable, full of emotions, was rather historic, given the standards of the signed agreements.

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“During the week in Italy, – they said, – we met many wonderful people; it was nice and important for us that everyone cared and sympathized with the Ukrainian people. Directors and staff of the Volunteer Unit and the Health Department of the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, the Mayer Hospital in Florence and the Spazio Reale Group training facility , in persons Olivia Salembini And Elizabeth CarolloThey hugged us and said “we are with you, we are there for you”: this is so precious. thanks for the Roberta Dearfrom Soccorso Clown’s press office and communications function at Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome and at Maria Biada From the Anna Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation. It was a special blessing to have the opportunity to meet and observe clown rescues while working in children’s hospitals: Dr. Cuisto, Dr. Vitamina and Dr. Uplo are wonderful, very open, funny and genuine with the kids and with each other. Many thanks to Caterina Turi of Soccorso Clown for organizing this trip and for such a warm welcome. Special thanks to Vladimir and Yuri Olshansky for your technical education, humanitarian support and everything you do for us. We come home happy and inspired to work even harder and to develop the best profession in Ukraine, for us a “hospital profession” … ”.

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