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Miserable Sundays – The Adjutant with Flag in One Hand and Beer in the Other: Poems from Provincial Football

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L’Fall In Italy it is probably the most beautiful season. Due to its characteristics, our country becomes a paintingThink, for example, of poetry Saint Martin From Carducci, real image written in verse. Well, we are sure that if Carducci had written a poem about football, he would have dedicated it to regional football, and certainly not to the big stages. And in this fall episode of Bestial Ones We’ll only pick items that look great on formation My hair dedicated to a ball Hobby.

…souls that rejoice
It was the sour smell of wine, which in these times in the Tuscan Maremma cheers up the spirits. But moving to the other side, this Adriaticwe find another wonderful village: Montodorisio, in Abruzzo. Well, here we change drinks, as evidenced by the photo posted by dear friends”Abruzzo Calcio is ignorantA delightful Facebook page that we thank for the good stuff you produce. At a local team match, theAmateur 88 Monteodorisiothe line assistant with his hands crossed behind his back carries ScienceOn the other hand Peroni. No need to add anything else: a local rustic painting deserves this column’s cover. And if raised beer All the better: poetic ingenuity adding to the artistry.

And under the injustice … Now I will hurt you
It must assume a pure threat stance rustic features To enter this section only lineage. What is the intrinsic rural risk? take club. This is what the footballer did Reality arenzoCampania II category, disqualified for four matches: “He has struck an opponent with incorrect, unsportsmanlike and violent behaviour. Once the DDG showed him a file Red card Threaten him and try to attack the opponent player while he is on the ground. Once removed from the TDG, try re-entering the same retained object Wooden club With the intention of attacking the opposing player.” And who knows if the bat was made of hazelnuts, or to put it in D’Annunzio’s words, Avellano.

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Coach curses at the spitting door
First by mistake, then seriously: a combination that cost the coach months of disqualification virgatesLombardia Juniors: “He was expelled due to repeated protests against the referee, he approached him face to face, insulted him, and in the heat out of protestHe flashedon his face and the race director warned him that he had deliberately spit on him. He slowly left the field and from the stands during the second half repeatedly abused the referee. At the end of the match in the locker room, he insulted the referee and, with threatening behavior, fired him fists towards him without hitting him. It was banned by some directors.”

…how thoughts exile
Yes, exiled thoughts, or signs of sincere friendship? Who knows what someone paid Air hostess in championship Belarusian League Bwho in turn pushed the player’s girlfriend who was about to be stoned suggestion For marriage. previously, ShopovichSmorgon DF after scoring on Accuracy He called his fiancée to start working in the field: he wanted to deliver the ring. I took the field, but the hostess thought she was A possessed invader push it away. Šupovitch attacked him… Who knows if he’ll hug him in a few years.

In VESPERO (I Won’t Make You) Major
Villages and Even Rivalry Between Neighbors: The Poetry of Regional Football. And if those rivalries, often very strong in the minor categories, come together in a common protest, that says it all: for the Derby between Martina And the Fasano They were just sent 100 tickets (against a demand of 1,500) for guests from Fasano, who were refused accommodation Big Screen in the city. Common protest in the field with a lot of Festive shirts The two teams wear it under the slogan “Free Transfers, Football belongs to the people”.

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