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Pescara Calcio: A convincing appearance and deserved to win

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Pescara Calcio: compelling beginnings, loved the tactical spirit and discipline. A narrow win (1-0) is undoubtedly deserved. Liscano is decisive, Avellino is only dangerous in the final. changes taken into account.

Order, compactness and regulated pressure. Balance but also courage. After the Argentine striker’s goal, the Biancazzori did not lower himself.

Contrition? Not closed on several occasions. Thus, in the end, two / three pitfalls of a certain consistency frustrate it blizzard And the Cancelotti. Like the goal scored, the divine closure of the linebacker, who is still among the best, in by Gaudio.

Guess Colombo Changes. At the beginning of filming collage And the Jiaboa They provided that extra bit in terms of unpredictability and substance. The Ghanaian Italian, pleasantly surprised, ran and crashed. With the former Sassuolo (coli) Quality has increased in the last 16 metres.

In the midfield well Karaja, among the most positive. The Albanian Italian has a strong sense of position, he plays lightly. Two touches at most. Mora’s tactical intelligence is an added value. Often during the construction phase, the former Spal was placed on the left allowing this Melanie to advance.

One feature is obvious: re-establishing control of the ball in the higher areas of the field. From this point of view, we can see that the pianakazuri has worked a lot.

central defense Always ready to default. In short, we are moving forward and everyone is involved in the no takeover phase.

Ready to go, Colombo lined up 5 under: Blizzari, Melanie, Cragga, Germinario (in his first ever appearance in C) and 17-year-old Delle Monacci on his debut from 1′. Avellino only two: Guadagni and Ricciardi, both from 2000.

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He starts winning without conceding a goal. It’s not details. It is only the beginning of the journey. There is still a lot to improve but the audience appreciates. This also was not to be taken for granted.

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