April 24, 2024

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Milan, the derby belongs to the Old Boys

The Old Boys Milan defeated the Milan Bears by round 4-0 in the match valid for the eighth and third to last day of the IHL Division I Western Group.Italian Hockey League. match, from Ice Palace – Agora on Via dei Cyclamini, which was also the scene of celebrations for the first eighteen years of Curva del Milano’s life, the edge of Bears fans and, in the past, Milan Rossoblu ice hockey.

Ice hockey, the Old Boys win the Milan derby

A balanced game in the first half, with the Old Boys leading by only one goal thanks to its achievement Samuel Veneci The same, then, also scores in the second half, that long period that sends the old boys into the second half forward 2-0. In the third period, then, Milano Bears reaction is expected and instead the old boys still have to score, with the net again Samuel Veneti (Trilogy in the End for Him) Based on Brian Soevo.

Very confused arrangement

success Older children May tangle one more classification Super Busy Ice Hockey Tournament: Because Milano Bears Still steady at nine points, he now risks seriously not qualifying for the next Masters round, where the first three of the group will participate. With Valpetsi NS Real Torino Certainly from the top two places (21 and 15 points respectively), the Old Boys’ success (eight points) will postpone the final verdict to the final two days of the tournament. There he will face Old Boys Chiavenna and Valpellice, while Milano Bears They will watch it against Usta Gladiators and Real Torino.

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