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Milan records the heat, it seems that the picture from space caught fire

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Milan hot space fireball

From 35 degrees in Parco Sempione to 48 degrees near the covered market, Milan, seen from space, is a “ball” of fire. Experts: “a phenomenon that will increase in the future.”

Milan scene from space It is a “ball” of fire. This is illustrated by a pictureEuropean Space Agency (ESA) after completing an investigation through its own Ecostress about the effects of heat waves in cities. capital Lombardy It registers “only” 35 degrees in Parco Sempione, one of the coolest places in the capital, while the streets around the covered market register 48 degrees.

June 2022 will be remembered for the intense heat waves that betrayed entire regions of the worldEuropesubordinate United States of America And theAsiaAir temperatures are 10°C above average for that time of year. There is nothing exceptional, unfortunately, but a concrete indication of how these phenomena are destined to increase in frequency, intensity, and duration, due to Climate change FrommanESA scientists said.

Thus, in the early afternoon of June 18, 2022, Milan reached extremely high ground temperatures.

It’s obvious how hot the surface is in the most common urban areas, but also the cooling effect of parks, plants, and water. Urban heat islands occur, in fact, when natural land cover, such as vegetation, is replaced by dense concentrations of impermeable surfaces that absorb and retain heat.The researchers added.

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