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Milan, a new space for NFTs

Milan, a new space for NFTs

December 12, 2022 from Luca Luceto

Despite the storm sweeping the world Digital currenciesa new initiative dedicated to the universe has been launched NFTs. Around NINFA, a marketplace designed for artists, gallery owners, and digital enthusiasts. Everything depends on the infrastructure of EthereumThe blockchain Most popular for creating and exchanging non-fungible tokens (MFT). The startup was born in April 2022 thanks to the skills and passion of four young experts in the digital world and cryptocurrency. An innovative project that in just three months managed to involve 110 creators. Today NINFA collaborates with 422 artists, 16 galleries and has more than 430 digital works.

A space for displaying and selling NFTs

NINFA opened in September 2022 Ninfa LabsAnd the New permanent exhibition space in Milan’s Isola district: More than 200 square meters with 15 screens to display NFT business. The name of the space evokes the name of the laboratory, designed as a creative hub where enthusiasts can meet, learn and experiment to understand what it means to work in a digital environment. He explains that this is possible “thanks to the dense programming of events that provide opportunities for in-depth study.” Brando Bonaretti.

β€œIn an increasingly digital and connected world, any individual will need to customize their virtual self, and there is no better way to personalize their identity than through grouping,” he says. Brando BonarettiFounder and CEO of NINFA.

In fact, the platform allows users to build and enrich their online identity by purchasing unique digital works and objects, belonging to different sectors: art, fashion and design. Therefore NINFA favors creative people who have an interdisciplinary view in their artistic research. In relation to other digital asset trading platforms. What sets NINFA apart is the fact that no initial commissions are applied, allowing artists to earn 100% of their sales.

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