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Milan, a little space for Sikh and Pooja in Chelsea. the point

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Hachim Ziyech and Armando Broja have long been targets of Milan’s market. They find little space in Chelsea

The Milan It has been in the crossfire for a long time Hashem Zaykh And the Armando Proya. They both have little space at Chelsea (combined playing time is 736 minutes, less than De Kittellari) as Tuttosport reported this morning. The two could decide to leave London to relaunch themselves.

Certainly this is the desire of the Moroccan playmaker. Already in the summer he seemed close to the Rossoneri, but he seemed close to the Rossoneri A salary of 6 million euros General put a damper on the negotiations. In January he will try again to leave the Blues, possibly on loan. Maldini and Massara will try certain conditionsThe player must lower his economic demands and Chelsea must also do his part by contributing to the salary payment. Also on the right between Saelemaekers, Messias and Brahim Diaz, there will be space for her work.

Broja’s speech is partly different, he’s romantically linked to Chelsea (he’s been playing there since he was 8 years old). at recent days It has been renewed until 2028, but the prospect of an eternal reserve shouldn’t appeal to him too much. Here too, the Rossoneri are looking for a loan deal.

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