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Increasing incidence (98), mean Rt constant (1.21)

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Third dose registration Thursday: 157,000. Admission to intensive care units and other wards is increasing, but always below the warning limit. Bavaria cancels Christmas markets

  • 19 Nov


    RESSA: High-sensitivity fast bands with delta variation

  • 19 Nov


    Ressa: “Hypothesis to reduce the third dose to 6 months for evaluation”

  • 19 Nov


    Ressa, though slow, has a clear tendency to get worse

  • 19 Nov


    Brusafero: “The virus is most prevalent in people between the ages of 30 and 50.”

  • 19 Nov


    Emma examines Pfizer tablet data to support emergency use

  • 19 Nov


    Canada, Pfizer vaccination for 5/11 year olds is OK

  • 19 Nov


    Israel has been vaccinating children ages 5-11 since Tuesday

  • 19 Nov


    Vaccino, Fedriga: “Duty is like shooting wax”

  • 19 Nov


    Third dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines USA, ok Fda

  • 19 Nov


    Is, the Incidence of Rising Cases – Video

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