Home World Migrants’ emergency from Brussels to Italy: ‘Savings must be done’

Migrants’ emergency from Brussels to Italy: ‘Savings must be done’

Migrants’ emergency from Brussels to Italy: ‘Savings must be done’

Meloni: “In defense of the borders of the European Union is available to listen” – “We spoke very clearly about the migration flows, about a change from the point of view of the Italian position that for us the priority has become a priority already stipulated in the European regulations, which is the defense of external borders and this is also clearly a sensitive and very important issue in which I found ears available to listen.” These are the words of the President of the Council at the conclusion of his visit to the European institutions.

Meeting between Piantedosi and delegates from Spain, Malta, Greece and Cyprus – In a meeting with colleagues from Med 5 (Spain, Malta, Greece and Cyprus), Piantedosi reported his desire to develop a common line among the five coastal states focused on managing migratory flows and on promoting regular entry channels. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani asked Germany (Humanity flutters the German flag) to respect the rules. While Sos Mediterranee, which operates the Ocean Viking, flew to Spain, France and Greece to be able to land, due to the detention of Italy and Malta.

Tajani: “NGO ships respect EU rules” – After the exchange of letters between Berlin and Rome, it was Tajani who reaffirmed the position of the new government, and met with his German colleague Annallina Barbock: “With a friendly country and a great interlocutor like Germany – he explained – we must cooperate with many. Then, when we need to give some Messages, especially on the issue of immigration, we do so firmly, but to ensure compliance with the rules. We asked that NGO ships respect European rules when rescuing someone at sea and then asked to dock at the nearest ports.”

The Ministry of Interior (for the time being) did not designate a safe haven – More clearly is the Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, who targeted the flag state of the other two ships. “Where should a Norwegian ship go? Simple, in Norway…” he wrote in a tweet. The other concerned minister, Piantedosi, who has the task of locating the safety spot, is careful not to do so. He explained that there was a need for a “change of strategy” that unites Italy, Spain, Malta, Greece and Cyprus: by strengthening regular entry channels, “smuggling of migrants is countered by reducing shipwrecks and criminal profits.” .

The appeals of humanitarian ships – In the meantime, calls were repeated for the immediate disembarkation of humanitarian relief ships with many minors on board after several days at sea. The Commission noted that “the Law of the Sea sets clear responsibilities in the coordination of search and rescue. We look forward to a dialogue between all competent countries to establish a safe haven as soon as possible for NGO ships in the Mediterranean in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity.”

For Brussels, the solution remains redistribution – For its part, Brussels is watching the issue “closely” and points to a possible solution, which is the activation of the Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism – signed on June, 21 acceding countries – which can also be used to redistribute migrants currently banned on ships off the coast in Italy. The latter was the first to benefit from the mechanism: 38 candidates were transferred to France and 74 to Germany in recent months. Low numbers compared to the 87,000 landings recorded this year.


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