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Football: La Pieve-V derby. Castelfranco. San Felice and V. Camposanto away, Cafeso Vezzano – Solpanaro

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By Simone Guandalini – The teams from the Lower Modena region participating in the Excellence and Promotion Tournaments return to the field over the weekend. These are the scheduled races, category by category, on the twentieth day of the tournament:


In the Group A for excellenceappeared for the first time on top Nonantula Parish Church New coach Marcelo Cesi does so in the first leg against his former team Virtus Castelfranco. The Granata team will look for compensation after two successive defeats at the beginning of 2024, while Virtus Castelfranco will have to compensate itself after a heavy defeat at home to Brescillo Picardo 1-4, which stopped a long series of successive beneficial results.

Al Tamayoz, Group One, match schedule for Round 20: Saturday, January 20, 2.30 pm: Videntina – Colorno. Sunday 21 January, 2.30pm: Bagnolis – Agazzani, Priscillo Piccardo – Cittadella Vice Modena, Calcio Zola Predosa – Salsomaggiore Calcio, Fabrico – Thierry De Castelli 1907, Faro Cop – Corregese Calcio 1948, The Beef Nonantula – Virtus CastelfrancoNebbiano and Valtedone – Montecchio, Real Formigini – Rollo.

Excellence, Group A, Ranking: Cittadella Face Modena 44, Terre de Castelli 1907: 39, Nebbiano and Valtedone 39, Virtus Castelfranco 38, Corregese Calcio 1948: 37, Priscello Picardo 30, Real Formigini 29, Salsomaggiore Calcio 25, Fabrico 24, Calcio Zola Predosa 24, Colorno 23, He rewarded me. 23, Montecchio 21, Rollo 20, La Bevi Nonantula 20Vedentina 15, Farrow Coop 15, Bagnolis 8.

Campo la pave nonantola


In the Promotion group bRather, they are looking for continuity, after the important successes they achieved last week in the matches between Sporting Scandiano and Fiorano. Virtus Camposanto And San Felice. Another delicate challenge for the Giallorossi, temporarily out of the playing zone, who will visit Castelnuovo, which is only one point behind them in the standings; But Camposanti will be busy at third-placed Arsitana. In the middle of the playing area, Cafeso They will host Visano with the aim of relaunching themselves in the race for redemption after two successive defeats. There is, too Forty years He needs to score points in the first leg at Sporting Scandiano.

Promotion, Group B, Round 20 calendar: Saturday 20 January, 3pm: PCS Sanmichelese – Terre di Castelli Nextgen. Sunday 21 January, 2.30pm: Arsetana – Virtus Camposanto, Bibiano San Polo – Fiorano, Castellarano – Athletic CDR Mutina, Castelnuovo – San Felice, Cafeso – Visano, Sporting Scandiano – QuarantoliUnited Carpi – Paiso Secchia, Vianese Calcio – Athletic Progetto Montana.

Promotion, Group B, standings: Bibiano San Polo 47, Viani Calcio 45, Arsetana 41, Sanmichelese 37, Athletic Mutina 35, United Carpi 34, Paiso Secchia 33, Castellarano 29, Sporting Scandiano 28. Virtus Camposanto 24visano 22, San Felice 21castelnuovo 20, Cafeso 16, Quarantine 14Fiorano 12, Thierry De Castelli Nextgen 9, Athletic Projeto Montana 6.

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