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Python suddenly attacks the trainer, the video is scary

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Python suddenly attacks the trainer: the video is viral and scary. Here’s what happened.

Python Attacks Trainer –

Snakes are wonderful animals, but they can become aggressive if they feel threatened and want to defend themselves. Jay Brewer He is known on social media for being the owner of a pet store located in Fountain Valley area, in ca. His shop specializes in exotic animals and reptiles, including alligators, lizards, alligators, and snakes.

Brewer has created a series of social profiles to introduce these adorable and exotic animals. Specifically through social media, the man talks about the activities that take place inside the store. Recently, Brewer posted a video that went viral and went viral on the web. Shared media content depicts a file Snake behavior is a bit tricky.

Snake attack on pet shop owner

the snakes They are snakes that catch their prey by exploiting the flexibility of their bodies, swallowing and crushing the victims, leaving no escape route. In the video, the pet store owner tries to move some of the eggs laid by the snake without disturbing the mother reptile. However, this behavior of the owner was perceived by the snake as a threat to the eggs. The snake, with a tough and protective personality towards its future dogs, threw itself at the owner’s face.

Snake Attacks Trainer –

As can be seen from the video, the snake assumes behavior typical of protective mother Who wants to defend their trash at any cost. The owner explained that he only wanted to move the mother and wanted to make sure that the eggs that were laid could hatch. The video, which went viral on the web, has reached over a million views.

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Lager with python –

Snake behavior is not completely isolated

Another video that went viral, which you can watch below, shows another snake biting a pet shop owner’s forearm. Brewer wanted to show everyone the reptilian bite. This content has also reached 30 million views.

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