May 30, 2023

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Michelin Guide 2022 Toronto: The first 13 stars for Canada have arrived

The top 13 stars for Canada in the Michelin Guide 2022 have been released: Here are the restaurants that won the award.

As previously reported, “Red” came first Canada. Of course, it took him a while to do it, but let’s just say he hit the ground running: this first edition Michelin Guide 2022 Toronto proud of 13 stars (with 12 one-star and one two-star restaurants).

During a special event held in Toronto, the Michelin Guide explained that 74 restaurants in Canada’s largest city impressed their team. Gwendal Pouleneck, the guide’s international director, explained that Toronto has a lot to offer in this regard. Diversity and unique flavors. He believes the city is not only off to a great start, but also has great potential.

Most of Toronto’s award-winning restaurants in the guide are located in the city center and serve Western European cuisine or Japanese cuisine. I am twelve Restaurants awarded with one star:

  • Aburi Hana: Japanese Cuisine with Chef Ryusuke Nakagawa
  • Alo: Contemporary cuisine with European and Asian sensibilities
  • Alobar Yorkville: French cuisine
  • Don Alfonso 1890: Obviously Italian cuisine
  • Enigma Yorkville: Contemporary cuisine led by chef Quinton Bennett
  • Edulis: Contemporary cuisine offering a menu inspired by the Mediterranean
  • Frilu: Contemporary cuisine with Japanese elements
  • Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto: Japanese cuisine led by Chef Masaki Hashimoto
  • Osteria Giulia: Back to Italian cuisine helmed by chef Rob Rossi, he draws on Liguria’s maritime heritage for his menu.
  • Quetzal: Mexican cuisine
  • Shoshin: Japanese cuisine led by Chef Jackie Lin
  • Yukashi: Japanese cuisine led by chef Daisuke Izutsu
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On the other hand, only one restaurant was readily available Two stars: This is Japanese restaurant Sushi Masaki Saito. Headed by chef Masaki Saito (yes, always him, who previously ran a two-star restaurant in Manhattan), you’ll dine here overlooking a 200-year-old hinoki counter.

On the other hand, no restaurant was awarded three stars. The Michelin Guide has awarded the title to 17 restaurants Pip Gourmand, who have the best quality / price ratio. Fat Pasha, Bar Rawal, R&D and Indian Street Food Company stand out among them. Other locations such as Bombay, Chubby’s Jamaican, Actinolite, Canoe and Mother’s Dumplings have been announced for their menu, service and cocktail selection.

But it doesn’t stop there: the next Canadian city to appear in the Michelin guide Vancouver.

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