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Messages can be deleted up to 2 days after sending, incognito exit from groups, hidden status and blocking of screenshots

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The message function is already usable, while for the other three messages we still have to wait

Three new features plus one. Mark Zuckerberg Collected on their Facebook profile Three new features are on the way related to the privacy of WhatsApp users: “You can leave groups without others receiving a notification, control who can see if you’re online and block screenshots of temporary messages.” Just a few hours ago, It was the official account Announcing that sent messages can be deleted up to “a little over two days after sending”. News can save many friendships, relationships and business relationships. How many times, in fact, just by sending a message in a chat, we found ourselves thinking “Maybe I shouldn’t have done that?”.

Unsend is already active: how to do it

Of the four new features of the app, only one is currently available to users worldwide. So here’s how to delete the offending message. Once the chat is open, simply press and hold on the text of our message until it is selected and then Click on “Delete” or “Delete for me” or “Delete for everyone”, Which is probably the most widely used alternative to avoid potential inconveniences. Prior to this news, the time limit was one hour.

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Other news in the past few weeks

From WhatsApp we just arrived, we are talking about the news a few weeks ago Chats can now be transferred from an Android smartphone to an iPhone (and vice versa). The feature was one of the most requested features by users, which the company finally heard of. The functionality was announced in beta just over a month ago, and is available to everyone as of yesterday (as long as all users participating in the conversation have the updated WhatsApp app). So much to earn a dedicated page within the official WhatsApp portal.

Coming soon privacy news

We still have to wait for other privacy news. Zuckerberg himself wrote that “I’m on the way ‘, without specifying a release date For the possibility of leaving groups “incognito”, or for not showing the status of a person on the Internet (of which We already talked some time ago) or to block screenshots of temporary messages. In the meantime, users have already begun to publicly thank Mita for this news. Many letters arrived by mail: in just 5 hours of publication, the number of letters reached almost forty thousand.

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