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Meredith, a student of Agnes, won the scholarship and flew to Canada for a year

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Won the scholarship provided by Webb, Laura Cessie

“At first I was scared, but the desire to have this experience grew in me.”

MERATE – He won a scholarship worth a thousand euros received through the web and will spend a school year abroad. She is ready to fly to Canada Laura Cessie, A student of Maria Gaetana Agnesi State High School in Merate, she is the winner of one of the scholarships offered by Wep, an international organization that promotes cultural and linguistic exchanges around the world, providing scholarships for the most intelligent and deserving students to school abroad. . This contribution is designed to reward them for the work they have done during the year and to facilitate access to school programs.

Agnesi High School student was selected based on the results of an interview, her experience in completing the reason and participation document, her accuracy, lack of time and linguistic ability. In fact, the scholarship is aimed at rewarding the best students, reducing the cost of the program for them.

“We’ve heard a lot about the year abroad and experiences like this in recent months,” says Laura. , The enthusiasm that motivated me to choose grew more and more.I chose Canada as my destination because it always fascinated me and gave me the idea that it should be a peaceful country that is easy to integrate.Now we are starting to think, I definitely feel a little anxious because it was a difficult experience Will be, and will have to leave friends and relatives here in Italy.On the other hand, however, there is a growing excitement and desire to live this experience that will change me. Um, I hope it improves further.

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Like her, every year 1200 young people live with the cultural exchange experience with WEP. With the year abroad, students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the foreign language, develop their soft skills, live abroad for a year, a semester or a quarter, and stay in close contact with a culture other than their own. For the entire period of their stay, in fact, the children are run by a family and follow courses at the local school. High school programs are a perfect opportunity to learn about the customs, habits, and customs of a country other than your own. Studying abroad is a real challenge for young people, it requires adaptation and respect for the host country, and it allows for 360 ° development: personal, linguistic and cultural.

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