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Coming soon another unfortunate console game –

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Nintendo Wii U she was Control unit A pity, which sold very little and, moreover, was squeezed between two such successful devices as the Wii and the Nintendo Switch. However, there are still people running programs on it. More precisely, what could be his will will be published soon last game.

The game in question is called Captain Yu It was made by Ultra Dolphin Revolution, an independent developer who has not yet given up on the Wii U. It is a 2D platformer that uses dual screens, touch and motion controls. The developer described it as a celebration of Wii U and its fans for nine years (or life-changing, depending on your point of view) for the console.

Captain U: Game Picture

With no other games on the horizon, Captain U will likely be the last Wii U game released on the console’s eShop. After all, we imagine it has no market so broad that it justifies more significant investments. Whatever the case, Captain U will present nine levels and the protagonist with different powers, which is useful for overcoming the various puzzles that will hinder him. It will be available in December 2021 and will cost €2.99. Time to activate your Wii U?

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