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Mercedes E-Class, here are the new interiors: focus on technology and quality

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Mercedes uses three adjectives to sum up the interior from E-Class renewal: sporty, quality and technological. There is a lot of technology in the German sedan, starting with the new MB.OS operating system that will arrive already this year on the E-class, albeit in fightingwith the full system expected between 2024 and 2025.

An operating system, created along with two giants like Google and Nvidia, that will be ubiquitous in the car, thanks to a number of screens That catch in the list of accessories you can reach three. Two are standard, the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel and the classic, in the center, for the infotainment system. The third, optional, will be in front of the passenger, with the large glass area of ​​the MBUX superscreen extending all the way to the center display.

Anyone who prefers a more classic setup and therefore ditches the passenger side screen will find a nice decorative element. At the very least, it is clearActive ambient lighting, which extends near the windshield down to the doors, armrests, then the instrument panel and the center tunnel. A customer who chooses leather seats will have elaborate longitudinal grooves, if the leather is Nappa the seat is padded and perforated featuring a diamond motif. The Dinamica seat which is part of the AMG Line interior is also perforated.

but me Material, the choice is wide. Several color configurations are possible, as the color palette ranges from light beige to space gray, also passing through brown. Exclusive to the E-Class is the open-pore dark ash veneer, backlit by the Mercedes-Benz logo.

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Lots of technology on board

widely as well Graphic customization Allowed on many screens on board. two display modes for the tools on the board, classic And Athlete: the first simulates the two classic pointer tools, the speedometer and rev counter, with a dynamic box in the middle containing the most relevant information on the vehicle of the moment; The second one is red and has a rev counter in the center with a dynamic design.

Along with active ambient lighting there too sound perception to increase passenger participation. Mercedes promises passengers to experience music with three senses: Music and movies they can I listen to youAnd Also with Dolby Atmos technology, tangible On the seat and on the leather thanks to the optional Burmester 4D audio system, for example VisibleVia active ambient lighting, Optional: A quick exchange of jokes, in a movie or podcast, bright streaks can “shake” while the steady rhythms of what is heard can create a pleasant atmosphere.

The new Mercedes E-Class will arrive at European dealerships during summer.

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