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Men and women, the station arrived, and the transmissions were replaced by films

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Mediaset confirmation of the decision to stop the men and women has arrived. Here are all the details and dates related to this selection and what viewers can expect in the coming days.

Studio Canale 5 from which men and women broadcast (Image via Mediaset).

Wednesday December 22nd will be the last day of that men and women will air. After Amici commented on December 19, too dating show He’s going on vacation for the holiday season. Maria de Filippi So it will be able to rest in light of the January commitments, as it will also host the traditional appointment with You’ve got mail.

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From Thursday, December 23 onwards, in fact, “Men and Women” programs will no longer be broadcast Channel 5, not even in the form of replicas. Mediaset I decided to schedule a series of films on the theme of holidays. The 23rd will start live Christmas of a Corgi, while the 24 will be there Christmas in the Palace – Natale a Palazzo.

Men and women choose Roberta before stopping?

Tronista men and women Roberta Giusti on her graduation day (photo on Instagram).
Tronista men and women Roberta Giusti on her graduation day (photo on Instagram).

After filtering out rumors during the recordings, many became curious as to when the men and women would broadcast the recordings of the last two external clips from Roberta, In addition to option the last. The date chosen by Channel 5 Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon: we’ll have to wait after the Christmas holidays, when men’s and women’s transmissions will resume on January 10.

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Meanwhile, the dating show Continue to provide continuous fluctuations. The protagonist in the last episode was the exchange between Maria De Filippi and Luigi on the throne. The presenter did not hesitate to point out to the knight that he was presenting different versions of the same events, so it was lying or lying.

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