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Pope’s Exorcist: A sequel to the film starring Russell Crowe is in development

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Exorcist Pope

According to what was stated bloody disgusting, Portal mainly dedicated to horror cinema, sequels to Exorcist Pope (here is the review), starring the movie Russell Crowe And based on the memoirs of Fr Gabriel Amort, it will officially be under development. The cost of the film is only 18 million dollars Julius Avery In fact, it has now collected around $52 million worldwide. The result, despite the divisive reception the film faced, will be enough to move the stories of Amorth and Exorcism forward.

In fact, we know the movie didn’t escape controversy, given its sensitive subject matter. In particular, this one broke with its theatrical release. The controversy was joined by the Vatican itself, which criticized the excessive reinventions and blots featured in the film. An official confirmation regarding the creation of a sequel is now awaited, but for those who watched the movie, the fact that there might be a sequel isn’t exactly a surprise. Exorcist Pope In fact, it opens to show Amorth’s real activities, especially the numerous and documented ones, on the big screen.

However, at the moment there are no further details about the potential sequel, but if that is to happen, Crowe’s return as the hero should be a sure thing. Waiting to know more, we remind you Exorcist Pope He remains in the room and tells the story of Father Amworth who investigates a terrifying child possession, eventually uncovering a centuries-old plot that the Vatican has desperately tried to hide.

source: disgusting

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