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Football on DAZN a new agreement worth 50 million per season

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New agreement to broadcast matches on TV: Dazn's team is still included in the new agreement with Serie A

Football news on TV: The new contract stipulates an agreement that will be valid until at least 2029: many innovations in the commitment.

DAZN (La Presse –

A new agreement between Team and DAZN for television broadcasting rights: As reported in today’s issue of Corriere della SeraThe telephone company and the sports broadcasting platform had signed an agreement regarding… Continue streaming football on TimVision. The agreement is valid for a further five years and will therefore also cover the seasons between the 2024/25 and 2028/29 tournaments, for which Dazn has acquired the rights while Sky will retain joint exclusivity for three matches in each tournament. circular.

A new agreement, which – in effect – will extend the agreement already in place. However, according to the new scheme, Tim should be obliged to pay about 50 million euros to the streaming platform every year, thus reaching a total 250 million euros distributed over five years. A base number to which a variable amount can be added, specifically linked to the performance of subscriptions.

TV broadcasting rights, a new agreement between Team and DAZN Football on TV

amount but far from equal 340 million euros per season Which Tim should have acknowledged to Dazen according to the first draft of the agreement.

Television broadcasting rights (LaPresse –

The agreement caused many problems for Tim, which also led to the resignation of the then CEO Luigi Gobitossi (for other reasons as well). That deal was related to A.J Exclusively for Tim, which would have deprived other TLC companies of the possibility of distributing DAZN football. This is a reservation that is no longer valid after the Antimonopoly Authority decided that it harms competition.

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The confirmation of the axis between Team and DAZN comes following the auction of television broadcasting rights for the Italian League, which ended with the allocation of 10 matches to DAZN in each round for a period of five years, including seven exclusive and three co-exclusive with Sky. The current structure has led to 700 million views per season on average And a mechanism for sharing revenues beyond a certain threshold.

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