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Men and women, Kiara Rabi breaks silence about ex’s engagement to Gf ​​Vip

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Recently, ex-boyfriend Chiara Rabi returned to talk about ex Davide Donade. That’s what he said.

A few days ago, former matchmaker Kiara Rabi returned to social media and answered questions from fans. regarding his current relationship status.

It was announced in this regard Everyone was shocked:”I see this is the most frequently asked question. So let’s start from the assumption that although I share everything with you in the same way I am very conservative. Having said that, I believe that a person should be an added value to our lives, habits, and daily lives. We need to find a mental and physical joint and it should always be something positive, a state of lightness, safety and calm that makes us experience something beautiful. This means that we do not necessarily have to join someone just for the sake of it, it is right that we experience the situation and know and understand it. And we must not forget that we must not underestimate ourselves, adapt or make something go right just so we are not alone. Honestly, I’m in no hurry, I always live and smile“.

instead of Regarding ex-boyfriend Davide Donadei’s recent engagement to Gf ​​Vip What did he say?

Men and women, Chiara comments on his ex Gf Vip’s post on social media

We specify right away that at the moment the former suitor of Men and Women has not expressed herself openly regarding the recent participation of her ex-boyfriend Davide Donadei in Gf Vip. Just a few hours after he entered the most spied house in ItalyOn his Instagram stories, he shared an idea that appeared to many as veiled pits.

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This is what reads: “Do you know how Satan tortures souls in hell? keeps them waiting“.

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