May 29, 2023

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Men and women, Gemma Galgani, a circle that repeats itself. Finished with Costabel: ‘He wants to stay on the show’

Our Lady of Turin in the Storm.

Yesterday, during the last appointment with men and womenAnd Gemma Galgani He expressed his doubts about the knight costabelliWhich seemed to have sparked. The Lady of Turin, after an outside session with him at sea, indicated that she had found him cold and distant, Which means that his behavior may have changed because he could be affected by words Tina Cibulari.

Gemma and Costabel They will look very close to saying goodbye and the Turin lady is overwhelmed with criticism. A lady on Nuovo Tv decided not to reveal her name, so she said: “She wants to stay on TV. She loves being personal. She’s not looking for love, but fame. Gemma doesn’t want to quit TV. Tina Sipolari is right.” still: “Always the same story: kisses first, then tears. Gemma will never leave the show.”

A criticism of the truth was directed by many viewers, especially after yesterday’s episode. Moreover Maria de Filippi Send the lady to give others their own time without putting “performance anxiety” on them. many frequencies of Galgani They ended after mutual accusations by Ms. A cycle that repeats itself. However, the 71-year-old from Turin has been advised several times not to jump recklessly and to be patient, especially since everyone has their own times. After more than ten years of existence of the throne more than men and women, the audience begins to wonder if they are really Gemma He is looking for his half.

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