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Switzerland beat Canada in big match, Denmark, Finland and USA win – OA Sport

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As for the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland, we have officially entered the finals of the two teams. Teams, in fact, define teams that come to an end and advance to the knockout stage. At the same time, teams that try to avoid last place and, as a result, teams that are relegated from the top division are formed.

In Division A, Italy lost to SlovakiaWe have seen Denmark beat France and Switzerland beat Canada. In Group BInstead, the United States overtook Sweden, Finland was liberated from Austria, and Norway was ruled by the Czech Republic.

Denmark-France 3-0: With a network over time, the Scandinavians rule France. 1-0 16:43 minutes later Regin comes with the help of Ann Storm. Laritsen’s help doubled the lead to 25:28 with Blichfield, while the French goal now reached the defense unscathed at 3:28 for the third time with Jacobsen at 58:24.

Ice Hockey, World Cup 2022: Italy fights against Slovakia, but to no avail

Canada-Switzerland 3-6: Canadians lead with Johnson after 11:52 in Group A big match. The network opened the match and the Swiss immediately equalized with Fora in 12:51 minutes. Emotions and goals explode. Canada advanced again with Lori’s 2-1 after 14:11, but the Swiss 2-2 with Kukan arrived just in time at 15:33. The first period ends 3-3, with the North Americans winning 3-2 with the Fatherson at 19:03, but the Red-Crusaders make an impact 9 seconds from the siren with the Secandeler. From now on it is only Switzerland. First Hisier’s 4-3 min 26 :! 3, then 43-31 to 5-3 with the shooter, and Meyer 58:51 before the final 6-3 with a blank net.

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United States-Sweden 3-2 after extra time: The Scandinavians broke the deadlock thanks to Tallinn 1-0 in 2:28 minutes. The United States responded immediately after Gowdett signed 1-1 at 7:50 p.m. The second period saw the Americans benefit with Schmidt in 38:58 minutes, after a goal had been canceled by the VAR for the Scandinavians. Sweden tied the score at 46:56 with Grundstrom and the challenge went into extra time, with the final 3-2 being decided by Gaudette 12 seconds from the end.

Finland-Austria 3-0: With a goal in time, the hosts completed the Austrian training without worries. After 105 seconds of playing, Philpula was thanked and then doubled in 24:10 with Granland’s goal, ending Rajala’s 3-0 debates at 47:39.

Norway-Czech Republic 1-4: The first period saw the Czech dominate, with Norway conceding only 3 results, but Bastranak’s goal in the 6:26 minute speaks of a 1-0 lead. Thanks to Vrona, Bastran doubled to 22:21 before Bastronak scored again, 3-0 at 40:48 on penalties. Norway took a 1-3 lead in the power play with a shake and a half in the 44:27 minute, but the Czech Republic closed the scoring with a net net of 4:31 at Cervenko 58:34.

Group A ranking

1 Switzerland 15 points
2 Canada12
3 Germany12
4 Denmark9
5 Slovakia9
6 France5
7 Italy1
8 Kazakhstan 0

Group B Rankings

1 Finland 16 points
2 Sweden12
3 Czech Republic10
4 USA10
5 Latvia5
6 Norway5
7 Austria4
8 Great Britain1

Photo: Corolla Semino

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