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Mapei grows in Canada

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Canadian $ 25 million investment in a new manufacturing facility, R&D laboratory and distribution center in Laval

29/11/2021 – மாபேய் Announces the expansion of the historic Laval headquarters in Canada, which represented the first step in the group’s internationalization in 1978, with the construction of a new manufacturing plant for powder products, a new research and development center dedicated to additives to concrete. Advanced distribution center with an area of ​​more than 4,700 square meters2.

For the expansion of the current plant, which will be operational from 2023, Mapei has invested approximately C $ 25 million. Its mission is to meet the growing needs of customers in the North American region by improving the delivery of products and services across Quebec, maritime provinces and across Canada. The new intervention was added to a recent installation, and at the Laval site, the plant for the production of additives for concrete, Mapei’s first in Canada.

This new investment has emotional value and strategy – Mapei CEO Veronica Skinsey announced -. In fact, in 1978, Canada became the first country to open a foreign branch, and we launched the strategy of internationalization that still refers to us today. “In any expansion plan – Continues Squinzi -, Mapei has a dual purpose: to create highly professional companies that know the local market, to support their business and to contribute to the growth of the community. What differentiates our growth strategy is that we are always ready to invest in long-term vision and improve our presence in a region, delivering sophisticated products tailored to the needs of the local market, and thanks to significant investments. In research “.

After an initial entry into the Canadian market by providing products for the establishment of track and field for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Mapei Inc. acquired Mapei Inc. in 1978. By opening its first factory in an industrial area outside Italy. Laval, near Montreal, where he began producing adhesives for the research and development of ceramic tiles and the increasingly innovative products for the Canadian market and other parts of North America. In the late 1980s, Mape also began to expand westward in the country. Today Mapei has 5 sites in Canada, employing about 350 people.


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