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CARS Project 1 and 2 were soon removed from sale due to a licensing issue –

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Slightly Mad Studios has posted a tweet announcing it coming soon CARS Project 1 and 2 they will be removed from sale in digital stores. The reason is easy to explain: it’s almost over licenses Cars and circuits.

Thus Project CARS will not be available for purchase from October 3, 2022, while Project CARS 2 will be effective from September 21, 2022. As specified in the message, both titles will remain playable and those who own them will be able to enjoy all the features, multiplayer included.

The message also reminds you that a file development team He is working on a new racing game that he will provide details about in due course:

We’re still focused on creating the best racing simulators, and as mentioned earlier, we can’t wait to share more info about our next Slightly Mad project when the time comes.

Unfortunately for the licensed titles, what the first two CARS projects will suffer is an unfortunately common fate. Refurbishing them is often inconvenient, as the cost will be prohibitive for those who are basically out of market games. In some cases, such as FIFA, games are taken off the market without much hype, while in others it is inevitable that rumors will spread.

Project CARS 3 is still the same for now, but we imagine its fate will not be different from its previous fate when the licenses expire.

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