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Death Stranding on PC Game Pass? The social profile picture changes again and strengthens the idea –

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death strand coming PC gaming arcade is a hypothesis that continues to strengthen with the passing of hours, given that, in the meantime,Profile picture for the official Twitter account he is changed againwhich somewhat adds to the idea that it’s directly referring to Hideo Kojima’s game.

L ‘The image in question It’s pretty much the same as before, or what appears to be an excerpt from the Death Stranding scenario as seen above, but now there’s rain as well.

It could be, to stay within the theory, typical “Chronobiology” And it’s a defining element in the Death Stranding universe, which is thus further evidence to push the notion that Hideo Kojima is already making its way to PC Game Pass.

The question is obviously strange, because Death Stranding was developed by Kojima Productions in partnership with Sonywhich should also control the intellectual property.

PC Game Pass, profile picture now also has a rain timer?

However, the PC version is published by 505 Games, as opposed to the console versions published directly by Sony, so there is some wiggle room to bring the games to PC Game Pass. Moreover, this will not be the first case of Sony games in the service, as there is always a precedent represented by MLB The Show. Anyway, we are waiting for any developments in this matter.

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PC Game Pass, the new profile picture
PC Game Pass, the new profile picture

Profile personly Twitter officer PC gaming arcade He changed his profile picture, and now, under the logo, we can see a setting very reminiscent of that death strand. That is why, according to fans, the game from Kojima Productions will enter the service.

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In addition to changing the picture, the PC Game Pass Twitter profile posted the following tweet: “Sometimes we like a beautiful picture of a landscape.” However, it seems hard that there is nothing behind this choice, especially given that they made it more visible with a dedicated tweet.

It’s clear right now that it’s only one speculation There is no official information regarding the arrival of Death Stranding on PC Game Pass.

We also specify that the official Xbox Game Pass account has not changed the profile picture: only PC Game Pass one reports this change. Also considering that Death Stranding is already available in PC versionMicrosoft may add the game to PC Game Pass soon. Therefore, we should not take this speculation as a possible teaser for the Xbox version of Death Stranding.

For now, we can only wait for confirmations or rejections. The only thing certain is the list of games that will arrive on the 2nd of the month and the games that will be removed from Xbox Game Pass at the end of August 2022.

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