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Avatar in September is back in theaters, but in the meantime it’s disappearing from Disney +

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Many were preparing to review the first movie symbol picture before the arrival of the sequel, Avatar: Water Road It is expected to be released in cinemas on December 14, 2022, but there’s a nasty surprise for everyone who’s wanted to wait a little longer before refreshing their memory. Looks like Disney has decided in agreement with James Cameron Temporarily remove the movie by Disney +It was there until a few days ago. the reason? The first Avatar movie will be the protagonist of a new show in cinemas around the world scheduled for release in the second half of September (23 in the US), which will last about two weeks.

Of course, the movie that served as a fortress of 3D cinema will have some improvements, the introduction of the IMAX format in the first place, and it will also be possible to watch it in 3D in cinemas equipped with its famous goggles now passed into neglect. The announcement arrived live on the IMAX Twitter page, confirming the possibility of enjoying next month a more immersive version of the 2009 original.

At this point, many will be wondering if and when it is possible to review symbol picture From the comfort of your home TV on Disney+. In fact, there is still the possibility of renting it through other services but diverse He wanted to investigate by contacting Disney about the matter. Although there is no direct answer, unofficial sources claim that The avatar will be back Disney + Before the release of the second part. Waiting to know the time, we leave you to watch the trailer for the upcoming re-release in September.

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